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Unlike daily news, these items will always be relevant because they reveal history, reality, human nature, and eternal truths.

Who Changed America from a Republic into a Financial Empire?

Money may not be the root of all evil, but debt-based money IS the root of the economic evil now descending on America. That’s the message from...

Edward Bernays – The Father of Opinion Engineering

This is the story of Edward Bernays, known as the father of modern marketing and propaganda – the man who changed Western culture and American...

Pedophilia and Satanic Cults in Hollywood and Government

This story is told by Mike Smith who started as a movie stunt man and rose though the ranks to become an acclaimed action director of many...

Class-Action Lawsuit against Pandemic Authorities

Reiner Fuellmich, is a lawyer with over two decades of experience challenging large corporations for illegal and unethical practices. Now he has...

The Man who Discovered the Mysterious Power of Spiraling Water

The topic of this 2008 documentary is more significant than it might appear. What's the big deal about water? The answer is that water is perhaps...

EPIC Battle: Helen Lewis vs. Jordan Peterson

This is a full-on battle of wits and ideas between reality and illusion - a video interview produced by British GQ magazine that will keep you on...

Covid-1984, An Orwellian Analysis

Here is a snapshot in time, as of as of May 8, 2020, that well represents the rising awareness and indignation among independent American podcasters...

A Train of Laser & EMF Weapons for use on Civilians seen in California

This mile-long train of approximately 300 military vehicles equipped with cutting-edge laser and EMF weapons was video recorded in California on...

The White Knights Will Save You

Commentary by G. Edward Griffin:  The QAnon phenomenon that appeared shortly after Donald Trump became President of the United States in 2017...

“So [the virus] Was a Hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts on Hot Mic

John Roberts, the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News, was recorded on a hot mic in the White House briefing room. He told a technician he...

Everything They are Doing to Control COVID-19 is Wrong

Professor Knut Wittkowski, former head of the Department of Epidemiology at Rockefeller University, speaks out against the fact that the...

UN Scientist Debunks UN Climate Lies

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels, according...

Collapse of World-Trade-Center Bldg-7 not Caused by Fire

A study by forensic engineers at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, concludes that the fall of Building 7 on 9/11 was not caused by fire. This...

Doctor Says the COVID-19 Hoax could be America’s Last Hurrah

Sherry Tenpenny, MD, has spent most of her medical career sounding the alarm about the health hazards of vaccines, and the politicization of...

What Crypto will the Federal Reserve Endorse?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Af5Bk3OAig In this video, crypto-currency analyst Dick Allgiere suggests that the Federal Reserve is involved in...

Sugar – The Bitter Truth about Low-Calorie Diets

Most people believe that all that is necessary to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and exercise more to burn off calories. University of...

The Capitalist Conspiracy – An Inside View of International Banking

[Patrons only, all levels] In this classic documentary, G. Edward Griffin explains how the money powers secretly rule the world--and how it affects...

3 Ways Bitcoin could be Brought Down, Co-opted, or Made Irrelevant

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto served the world an entirely new kind of currency. It was one that people could move over the internet instantaneously and...

Money and Power – Hidden Agendas behind COVID-19

G. Edward Griffin was asked to record a summary of his view of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is his spontaneous response: There is an abundance of...

EMP Would Kill 90% of Americans, Warns Congressional Task Force Chief

An Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from an attack or even from the Sun would kill the vast majority of Americans in a short time period by frying all...



New York Funeral Directors say COVID-19 Deaths Greatly Exaggerated

New York is not the epicenter for COVID-19 in the US but it is the epicenter for fraudulent death certificates and fake statistics. James O'Keefe of...

Authorities without Conscience in an Age of Corruption

Charmian Gooch is a British anti-corruption campaigner and co-founder of Global Witness, where she works to expose and stop corruption involving the...

Why the Theory of Evolution is So-o Unscientific

A.E. Wilder-Smith was a British university professor in the 1970s who challenged the theory of evolution between species on scientific grounds. He...

Lockdown – the Dark Side vs. the Right Side of History

This video includes two presentations: the dark vs. the right side of history in context of the 2020 pandemic...

25 Most Recent Additions

Battle for Humanity – The Transhuman Agenda behind Covid 4.6 (40)

Battle for Humanity – The Transhuman Agenda behind Covid 4.6 (40)

This production is a documentary on the Covid pandemic that never was. It features the medical commentary of Carrie Madej, MD, and the program host, David Sorensen of Stop World Control. Dr Madej reveals how Big Tech and Big Pharma are fusing new...

Covid Criminals will be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity 5 (25)

Covid Criminals will be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity 5 (25)

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is a board certified family physician with over 20 years experience. His team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in a prehospital setting. In this interview, Dr. Zelenko explains...

The Money Gods – How Fascism Came to America 5 (19)

The Money Gods – How Fascism Came to America 5 (19)

Historian and journalist F. William Engdahl delivers in one lecture an amazingly comprehensive overview of international capital concentration and capture of governments culminating in global fascism. This is based on the classic definition of fascism...

San Diego Resident Confronts Health Director over Covid Lies 5 (44)

San Diego Resident Confronts Health Director over Covid Lies 5 (44)

Shaun Frederickson, a resident of San Diego, California, publicly confronts County Health Director, Dr. Wilma Wooten, with her own published statistics, which prove she is lying about the number of Covid deaths in the county. He concludes the only...

Mad as Hell about Covid, and Not Taking it Anymore! 4.7 (45)

Mad as Hell about Covid, and Not Taking it Anymore! 4.7 (45)

Audra Morgan delivers a supercharged message to the San Diego County, California, Board of Supervisors. She calls them out for supporting the Covid political agenda, ignoring the civil rights of citizens, and causing needless suffering and death. This...

Seven-Minute Cure for Covid Misinformation – Dr. Dan Stock 4.9 (584)

Seven-Minute Cure for Covid Misinformation – Dr. Dan Stock 4.9 (584)

Dan Stock, MD, a family-practice physician in Noblesville, Indiana, testified on August 7, 2021, before the local Mt. Vernon School Board. His presentation immediately went viral – and for good reason. In slightly less than seven minutes, Dr. Stock...

Covid-19 was Invented and Patented Before the Pandemic Began. 4.9 (392)

Covid-19 was Invented and Patented Before the Pandemic Began. 4.9 (392)

This presentation follows the trail of patents issued for Sars-CoVi-2 (Covid-19) gene sequences years before the pandemic began. The trail also leads to pre-Covid patents for components of anti-Covid ‘vaccines’, patents that were obtained by individuals...

Vintage Early-Warning Pandemic Cartoon – Amazing! 4.8 (391)

Vintage Early-Warning Pandemic Cartoon – Amazing! 4.8 (391)

Here is a cartoon from the earliest days of motion-pictures that likely was a commentary on the 1918 Spanish-Flu epidemic. We have been unable to verify its origin, but the singing radio that appears in the cartoon is the exact design as radios made by...

Megacities and Urban Dystopia – Our Future is Planned 4.5 (10)

Megacities and Urban Dystopia – Our Future is Planned 4.5 (10)

A glimpse into the future at what life will be like in large cities as foreseen by the US military. This video is used at the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University and was obtained by The Intercept via the Freedom of Information Act. It depicts...

Vaccine-Injured Health-Care Workers Speak Out 5 (114)

Vaccine-Injured Health-Care Workers Speak Out 5 (114)

Del Bigtree interviews three professional health-care workers who tell their heart-breaking stories of what happened when they happily accepted the mRNA vaccine. Within a few days of the injections, they were in constant, full-body convulsions. When the...

Five Doctors Conclude that COVID-19 Shots are Bioweapons 5 (23)

Five Doctors Conclude that COVID-19 Shots are Bioweapons 5 (23)

Five doctors (Larry Palevsky, Sherri Tenpenny, Christiane Northrup, Carrie Madej, and Lee Merritt) discuss composition and aftereffects of COVID-19 shots and conclude they (1) are not vaccines, (2) were not designed to protect against Covid-19 and, in...

The Covid Con Game and End Game 4.8 (54)

The Covid Con Game and End Game 4.8 (54)

Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and delivers an amazingly comprehensive overview of the motives behind the Covid-pandemic theater. First, she shows that there is no real pandemic and that the...

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