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Separation-of-Powers Doctrine Brilliantly Explained to US Senators

Sep 10, 2018

US Senator, Ben Sasse, speaking at the Congressional hearings for confirmation of the appointment of Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, unleashes perhaps the best explanation of the doctrine of separation-of-powers you will ever hear. Donโ€™t think for a moment that you already know all that, because Senator Sasse also unleashes a serious scolding to his fellow legislators for abandoning this doctrine in return for popularity and ease of re-election. This 12-minute civic lesson-on-steroids is far more than an item of interest in the current news, it is a monumental contribution to the spoken record of liberty that will be just as valuable for future generations as it is today. -GEG

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  1. Lawrence

    I didn’t vote for him, but he makes me, as a Nebraskan proud. Common sense and truthes, finally.

  2. dr. g biermann

    If America only had more Ben Sasses’, we would not be in our current near demise! Nebraska, Senator Ben Sasse is your good fortune…..you lucky, lucky citizens

  3. Kim Sabat

    I learned a lot from this man speaking


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