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The War between Citizen Science and Corporate Science

Apr 15, 2020

MIT scientist Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, argues that the scientific profession that once was dedicated to the discovery of truth has morphed into a community of con artists for hire to the highest bidders which, in today’s world, are Big Government and Big Pharma. He says that innovation seldom comes from large institutions where wealth and power are the prime directives. It comes from individuals either at the edges of these structures or completely outside. The goals of Big Government and Big Pharma have nothing to do with helping the common man but everything to do with controlling and exploiting him. You will quickly understand why Dr. Shiva has become unpopular with the Establishment – particularly the Vaccine Establishment. Live streamed 2020 Apr 7 – Source: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai


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1 Comment

  1. Seeking Professor Falcon

    Sounds like all of our hero’s in science, except the exploitation of the ancients…. Persecuted Scientists..Is that a method of evolution by the evolution of governance?
    The ancients knew The great pyramid was a geographical representation of the earth.
    Its corporate/communist science.
    Corporations control everything…even science.
    Im not that educated, but, Newton was persecuted, Magellan? alot of them.
    But, the big but, is that Einstein called Nikola Tesla the most genius person ever..and he was persecuted as well…but why? for what corporation or monies or sin?


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