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Why No One Knows if Pandemic is Caused by Coronavirus or Flu

Apr 29, 2020

Dr Andrew Kaufman delves deeply into what is called Koch’s Postulates, which, since the 1980s, has been the gold standard used to scientifically determine if an illness is caused by a specific pathogen. This may not be an exciting topic but, if you want to know if the coronavirus really is the cause of the illnesses and deaths attributed to it, you must understand Koch’s Postulates. Dr. Kaufman walks us through each of them and examines the official lab reports that claim to have met their requirements. You will see the proof for yourself that not even one of the four postulates were satisfied. Let’s be clear on this. That means there is zero scientific support for the claim that coronavirus is the cause of ANY illnesses or deaths, and that all of them could be caused by other strains of other viruses, including seasonal flu. 2020 June 8 – Source: TheFelseyFamily

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  1. George Rose

    Being a monetary slave is one thing, being a slave because one’s genes are changed perhaps by forced vaccination becomes intolerable. This situation could get really ugly fast.


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