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Sugar the Bitter Truth – Why Low-Calorie Diets Do Not Work

May 6, 2020

Most people believe that all that is necessary to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and exercise more to burn off calories. University of California Professor Robert Lustig, M.D., explains why this ‘calories-in, calories-out’ concept is false and why most diet programs do not work. He shows how some carbohydrates, called sucrose and fructose, convert into body fat even more so than fatty foods do. He explains how this process also causes the symptoms of ‘metabolic syndrome’, which include abnormally high blood pressure, blood sugar, belly fat, and triglyceride levels. When these sugars are stripped of their fiber content to increase marketability, the brain no longer recognizes them as food and does not receive a satiation signal that turns off the feeling of hunger, which leads to overeating even when the stomach is full. Recorded 2009 July 30.


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  1. Jan Craig

    O. M. G….! Superb presentation! My jeans are NOT SHRINKING…I’m fructosing!!! Like a slap on the back of the head at 72….big changes coming for me. Thank you, so much for this presentation!

  2. Andrew C

    I wish they would tell what to eat that is safe, that is to get the glucose.


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