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Megacities and Urban Dystopia – Our Future is Planned

Jun 3, 2020

A glimpse into the future at what life will be like in large cities as foreseen by the US military. This video is used at the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University and was obtained by Intercept via the Freedom of Information Act. It depicts the consequences of the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which call for forcing almost all of humanity out of rural areas and into urban centers where they can be more easily monitored and controlled. The bait for this program is the vision of protecting and restoring the natural environment, but the reality is the horror depicted in this video. The narration accurately explains the chaos and human misery that lies ahead, but it is presented in a matter-of-fact tone to explain why the future must be dominated by a powerful and resourceful military presence. If we do not stop the UN agenda soon, this video shows you what your life will be like under urban martial law – and you will not be happy about it. Original date: 2017.


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  1. SS-The Independent

    Yeah, man: “…support ‘ our ‘ troops ‘…”…in the ” land of the FEE and home of the SLAVE “.


    I’m due to write another essay which will probably focus on Floyd George and the role that Soros has played in the “race riots.” At no time — during my 15 years on Facebook and YouTube — have I run into so much censorship. And trying to assimilate everything that has been happening — 5G, the Plandemic, the Floyd George Race Riots — has been very challenging for me . . . and everyone else, I’m quite sure.
    What I don’t understand is why Trump is not going after Soros, figuring out who is leaving pallets of bricks around protest sites etc. In the meantime this current essay focuses on Trump’s push for forced vaccinations. There are now nearly 500 links in the comment section for those that want to do their own research on the Plandemic and what is really behind the Floyd George Race Riots. Needless to say I am concerned that we are being played by Corporate Media and quite possibly Trump.
    Many may wonder why my Stop5G group and others have spent so much time focusing on the Plandemic and the current Race Riots. The reason is that 5G, Forced Vaccinations, and the Race Riots are all part of the UN’s agenda to bring about a One World Government. 5G is the infrastructure for our enslavement. The Plandemic was pushed to destroy 1st world economies: both in the US, the EU and elsewhere. And it is possible that the Race Riots — orchestrated by George Soros and his son — are intended to overwhelm the police, national guard and military in order to involve UN troops in the US.
    I have probably written more about 5G than most. In researching 5G I have come to one central conclusion: all of this is being orchestrated by the Rothschild’s/Rockefeller’s in order to foment social strife and ultimately establish a One World Government.
    To read my next essay please join my group. It will be coming in the next few days.
    Consider joining my group:
    Stop (5G, Smart Meters, Geoengineering) Globally
    If you do join make sure you start out by reading the announcement which explains the mission of the group.

    • Rev. Sharyn Longley Tufts

      I would love to read what you write, but I do not and never did do FB.
      Is there another way to see it? I so agree with what you said.

  3. Attila Simon

    Mr Griffin,

    Please take your pills regularly as your doctor described! You have some mental issue.

  4. A. Nonymous

    Listen to the narrative and don’t be triggered by the images. It does not describe a plan to execute but rather says that the military will need to be prepared to operate in that environment if required. I think that military planners would be remiss if they didn’t see this possible future and try to prepare should it come about. They talk about engaging hostiles. They didn’t say they intend to participate in bringing this future about. Having said that, I disagree with their assertion that this WILL be what happens. I see this as a possible future, whereas they see this as a certain future. I disagree that the narrative talks about military domination.

  5. WakeyWakey

    This video is subtle mind control to de-humanize the people. It ONLY uses extreme isolated negative situations from all around whole the world that have occurred over many many years and piles them up one on top of the other, all showing humanity in only an extreme negative light (divide & conquer). Don’t expect them to ANNOUNCE that rural folk will be forced into mega cities. This is done by such ‘incentives’ as mega bushfires, crushing the rural folks freedoms to use water etc. More and more ‘rules & regulations’ over rural properties, spying and snitching of environmental organizations etc. Anyone who has studied UN AGENDA 21 and UN AGENDA 2030 its update, is well aware that the plan is to make the countryside and national parks OFF-LIMITS to humanity.

    • A. Nonymous

      I do not disagree with you in any way regarding the UN agenda.

      However, to conflate this video and the US military with the UN agenda is a mistake unless you believe that the US military is part of it.

      I disagree that this is mind control to de-humanize people. Since the video’s topic is regarding a large population and is discussed in this way, it could easily be seen as “de-humanization”.
      However, the point of the video is NOT to say “we need to do this to the population”, but rather “we believe that this will be the situation and we need to prepare for it”.

      I do believe that — like most organizations — some of the US military is part of the Deep State and that other parts are not. It is certainly possible that this video was done by Deep State actors to have you believe that “it’s a done deal”, that the future WILL be this way and that the military must prepare.
      However, I think the military should, as part of any future planning, be prepared for scenarios that we find repugnant. After all, the military will have to be the force to deal with it — not to suppress people but to protect people.

  6. Yiulicorn

    Taking the Red pill (not from here) I learned that the enemy is not some foreign country invading us to which we must be prepared. Although that is true in reality, that foreign countries will invade other countries, the reason why that is is because of the tiny percentage of psychopaths that want complete power. They aren’t elected, they put themselves in power and they give others (presidents, pm’s, chairman’s, etc etc) the illusion of power to enable the psychopaths achieve their goal. For the psychopath WE are the enemy and that’s why they create governments and military, to subdue and control US, their ‘enemy’. We are Their enemy because we always try and stop them from subdueing us.
    If they could just take your things without fear that you will object, they will do just that. But because you will object and refuse, they can’t take your things, and since they still want your things, you have, essentially became their ‘enemy’ therefore in order to take your things they have to subdue YOU somehow.
    That’s why they need so much propaganda to achieve their goals, if they could just take your stuff they would, but they can’t as long as YOU object. WW1 is such example of what it takes to convince a country (US) to go to war, 20 years of planning and seizing control of the media to convince the population that things are so bad that they will want to go to war. Initially the ppl simply did not want to go to war for many years, much less to a war in Europe that started in the Balkans, region that the Americans most likely didn’t even know where it was on the map or even its name.
    So it follows that When we join the military or the government, we are essentially fighting ourselves, subdueing ourselves, enslaving ourselves.

    But of course we are not enemy. We are led to believe we are bad but in reality We are peaceful, compassionate and good natured and most importantly, responsible. We become bad because of the outside environment was created as such that we always want more, better, we want to ‘make it’, we want to climb to the top where power resides so we can have that ‘more’, that ‘better’.
    So since we are not really ‘enemy’ it only follows logically that we don’t need military or government. The attributes above alone, responsibility, compassion, good nature and peacefulness will enable us to govern ourselves.

  7. Chaz

    As an unhoused person, I feel as if I’m already under target of various covert experiments. A few years back, in the Bellingham, WA area, I seemed to be attacked, three nights in a row, but something that woke me up, choking. Even when I moved camp on the 3rd night, I woke up, in the early dawn, choking.

    Looks to me like wearing a gas/chemical mask is the future. At least having one nearby. Btw, I saw a video on youtube that shows how ASBESTOS was put in many of the popularly-promoted and sold (at army surplus stores) G-5 (I think it was) filters.


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