An Idea Whose Time has Come – Your Life and Liberty Depend on it

Jan 31, 2021

There have been many proposals for ways to reverse the global tide of collectivism, but none have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin explains why that is the case. The reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once that single barrier is cleared away, the plan for a counter force falls quickly into place. 81 minutes that could change your world view – and your future. This was the first public presentation of Freedom Force International. The date was June 11, 2006 – history in the making.  Source: Red Pill University

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  1. Samuel

    So…flip the Illuminati script and re-insert a mirror? Religious warfare is on the Horizon. There’s only been an ebb&flow of this pro/anti- religion and each side has acted Horrifically towards any who oppose. This seems impossible because it cannot be achieved within one mans allotted lifetime. Thanks for your work and let me know how I can help✅

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Samuel, thanks for asking how you can help. The two things we need most at the moment are (1) more people getting Red Pill University announcements in their email every-other day and (2) more people willing to support our mission financially. That’s it. To get more people seeing our work, a good way to do that is by forwarding articles to everyone on your email list and others also. Th help us financially, become a Patron of the University by clicking here. Many thanks ~~ G. Edward Griffin

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Samuael, thanks for asking how you can help. The two things we need most right now are more people seeing our materials and more people coming on board as Patrons to help us financially. To accomplish the first, the best way is to forward favorite stories to your friends by email. For the second, here’s the link for becoming a Patron. Many thanks ~~ G. Edward Griffin

  2. ted - 850-587-3977

    I have an idea that might help save the struggling world. If someone could find a movie producer that could make a movie (probably a series)on the greatest FREE book ever written at, , it would be an overwhelming hit and have huge results worldwide in promoting peace.I have spent over a yr. condensing the book that is 25% longer than the Bible & truly enhances it greatly. I can furnish the manuscript. My email add. is [email protected] – do not pre judge book too soon w/o reading – great surprise! Have faith that few have.

  3. An Individual

    Thank you for this thoughtful speech. You have summed up the problem succinctly: freedom-minded individuals find power distasteful, and our enemies cannot get enough of it. Worse still, our enemies KNOW this, and have gradually rigged and complicated the system to make it even more unpleasant and near-impossible for outsiders to enter. Can the corrupt, nearly-illegitimate Federal government be redeemed by fresh-faced patriots? It seems hopeless, like joining the mafia, CIA, Vatican, or a Mexican cartel, thinking, “Boy, I’m gonna work my way up and turn this thing around!”

    • Katman

      Do you know what the legal definition of “individual” is?

  4. Peninah

    Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain.
    The Constitution became the Articles Of Incorporation and have been expanding ever since. We became slaves under article 14. Donald Trump is the President of that Corporation and the heads of the Six World Banks are the Board Of Directors.
    We do not need to rise to power within that corporation. We need to return to the land via the Declaration of 1776 and reclaim our birth certificates / trusts / estates. We need people who understand parse syntax and can rewrite the deeds to our real property (land) using metes and bounds and distinguishing Ownership (not tenants) to a “Living Person”.
    The government system that we are being bullied by ended December 21, 1999. Russell-Jay:Gould and David-Wynn:Miller claimed the flag and filed with the UN and Post Office. Explained here:
    This is how We The People can reclaim our country, ourselves, and the future of our children and children’s children.

  5. Margaret Cloud

    After being apathetic, I am in the freedom fight. Thank you, Edward Griffin. I now work with state candidates to flip our blue state red. Trench warfare. Flag out. In God I trust, but I do the next step each day. Am on Twitter, Parler, and FB, not being silenced. Most of all, showing at local events….doing what I can. Don’t give up before the miracle, as they say in AA.

  6. G. Edward Griffin

    I guess that depends on what legal system you are in – which depends on the culture in which you live. Unfortunately, a “legal” definition of something often is different from a commonly accepted definition within a particular culture. The culture I want to live in would have a legal system that defines an individual as a human being with intrinsic and first-priority rights to life and liberty and to such property that may be essential to sustain life and liberty. As applied to rights, I would define intrinsic as being an element of life, itself, an essential component of the whole being that exists at the instant of conception and lasts until the instant of death. That means human rights are neither created nor granted by the state. I would define first priority as meaning that individual rights are supreme over any real or imagined rights that may be claimed by other individuals on the basis of their superior number.

    • Ben

      Hi Sir. Griffin could I please pose a couple of questions to you. What is your opinion on theories that seem impossible to ration and do you think that prophecies are a work of God or if it is just an untapped part of our mind being accessed due to an intense clash of emotions and rational thought. Do you think that this universe holds a different set of general rules(mathematical & chemical) compared to others? Also what do you think of the manmade rules which govern our planet? I have felt very hopeless every time I think about democracy and why our governments refuse to amend the many loopholes that have appeared after its creation, which has lead us to being open to attack by the CCP who have departments with slaves chosen through their analytical education system who are specialized to extensively study and then undermine democracy with the help of corrupted officials from within. I eventually came to an understanding that if evil people are allowed to amend these loopholes that it could potentially spell the end of freedom and lead to horrifying outcomes, so from that it made me start to wonder if our species is actually doomed to be destroyed by ourselves before the next natural disaster occurs. I really admire you as a fearless person which is why I posed these questions, your tenacity will undoubtedly inspire many if the course of our future doesn’t head down the drain.

      • edgriffin

        Hello again, ben. I would love to share my thoughts on such issues as you describe, but to do so in writing would take many, many pages. To do so verbally would take many, many hours. Hopefully, I will write about such things and push them into a book or some-such. In general, I can tell you that the questions are unanswerable based on human perception. I belive there are things and forces and natural laws that exist at a higher plane than we exist. Therefore, the best we can do is pose the questions and be humbled by our inability to even understand the questions we ask at a deep level. Many thanks for writing.

  7. Carpet Bomber of Truth

    Mr. Griffin was always ahead of his time. More people should have taken heed to his warnings in the 1960s and we may not be in this mess we are in today.

  8. Donald

    Thank you for this inspirational speech Edward. It was also great to listen to the words of wisdom you shared on the ‘Vinny Eastwood Show’ recently. Given the existential shift our nation is going through, I would love to connect with any fellow RPU patrons in New Zealand, to maximize the potential of these times. Is there an easy was to make this happen? I am actively podcasting on my channel called ‘The Daring Poppy’, and would appreciate linking up with some like-minded souls. Keep up the mighty work, and I am looking forward to linking in for the Jekyll Island connection! Warms regards from this ‘Tall Poppy’

    • edgriffin

      Hello Donald. The shrt answer to your question is that I am hoping you will step up to te plate and take the lead in organizing a local campus of Red Pill University. If that is of interest, I would be delighted to talk to you about it. You can contact me at [email protected]. It would be great to work with you to establish the first campus in New Zealand. I imagine Vinny and his program would be a great help in getting the word out.

      • Donald

        Wow! What an honour to get this amazing feedback. I am quite gob-smacked! I will certainly get in touch with you over the next couple of days, and sincerely look forward to the prospect of where this will all lead. Warm regards for now, from a ‘Daring Poppy’!

        • Kim Sabat

          I wish you the best! You certainly have the support from RPU!

  9. Ryan Mills

    Wonderful! I joined, and established a freedom cell to begin education / activation efforts to remind the sleeping masses that freedom is worth waking up for. G. Edward Griffin was one of my first inspirations, after reading The Tuttle Twins with my kids. Interview with Yuri Bezemenov was chilling.

  10. Ryan Mills looks like a great starting point in the power center reclamation. If each county sheriff were to lead the charge (recruitment, community fundraisers?) in identifying and reclaiming local power centers (media, education to start?) I think I see an avenue for victory. Any existing ‘roadmaps’ to reclaiming power centers?

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