Candace Owens: “George Floyd is NOT my Hero”

Jun 7, 2020

In this message, recorded on her mobile phone, Candace Owens rapid-fires fact after fact that politicians and mainstream media refuse to mention about the death of George Floyd. After listening to the wisdom and seeing the passion of this young woman, and realizing that she is confronting a global tsunami of popular opinion, the words truth and courage come to mind. 2020 Jun 5 – Source: Kenneth Frantz, Summit Peak Drones

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  1. Bill L.

    I’m speechless. She’s got it. The liberal Democrats and Hollywood are professional invenerate liars and their Media are there to promote lies and the false narrative of the Left, but Owens has courageously cut through all their decietful propaganda to sincerely help black Americans see how they’re being played by power- hungry politicians and arrogantly virtue signaling actors for advancement of their own careers or re-elections.

  2. Chris

    Candace nails it. Blacks are being played for fools to serve an agenda they do not know exists. She is trying to appeal to blacks who may be capable of thinking critically. Applaud! I commend her for that good, righteous effort. But, good luck & best wishes, Candace. You’re trying to cope with 3 generations of willfully ignorant neo-amerikkans REGARDLESS OF COLOR. If people take to heart the things/facts she says, maybe thinking smart will be contagious.

  3. DEE


  4. Rosie

    I didn’t watch the video so please forgive me if my comments don’t apply. Immediately upon seeing the Title of the post and the photo beneath of a young black woman I already knew the gig: “I’M qualified to speak on this because I’M BLACK.” So she hijacked George Floyd’s murder to gain herself 10 minutes of fame. Does this take truth and courage? I see more truth and courage from the black mother grieving over her son’s senseless death – (he was shot in the back while fleeing police) (I would run too -he knew a beating was coming.) This older black mother, intent on protesting the unbearable feelings of injustice (they’re horrible; I’ve felt them) she joined the protests and was shot in the eye with a cop’s rubber bullet.

    No – I don’t think this young black woman is very courageous for hijacking George Floyd’s death. Oh and the right jumps right on this – the Tucker Carlson’s eager for a black who will echo their sentiments. I see the older black woman whose son was murdered as being truthful and courageous. I say she’s courageous for getting out of bed in the morning and living through another day of torment. “If only…” “How can I hold the murderers accountable?”

    I’ll be surprised if you allow my comment to remain but TRUTH is TRUTH is TRUTH.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Rosie, I see that you said at the outset you were not able to actually watch Candace’s video, so I am not surprised that you have a critical view of it. Because we do not believe in censorship, we will publish your remarks anyway. The video was down for a bit yesterday but is back up now. Please look at it carefully and let us know if you still think Candace is just trying to steal 10 minutes of glory.

  5. todd

    The concept is not supporting George Floyd but he represents what happens when a police state goes unchecked … I’m a black libertarian and I’m actually shocked that my white libertarian brothers don’t get it. Remember fellas the police state is to protect the elite from us

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Good point, Todd, but your ain’t seen nutt’n yet. Just wait until the Marxist-Leninists eliminate existing police forces and replace them with “people’s security committees” like they did in the early days of the Soviet revolution and in every country where they have come to power. They will be staffed by all the released prisoners, killers, rapists, and psychopaths of all stripes. Expect the BLM and Antifas to be well represented. That’s when all the past and potential “enemies of the revolution” will be slaughtered in their homes or taken to the killing fields. The color of your skin will make no difference. THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.

      • Aaron from Idaho

        That’s an informative reply GEG, one that I have not considered. Could you provide more info on this? How do we reconcile this with the creation of ‘Police’ departments in the first place when we have always had the position a Constitutionally elected Sherrif? Aren’t the Police ‘Officers of Corporate Policy’ created to serve and protect the elites? And why can’t we restore the law to the Sheriff and eliminate the Police at the same time? Furthermore there are a number of communities around the world that have been successful at ousting corrupt police and have taken matters private, which in my opinion, is the wat it ought to be.

      • Todd

        You’re correct! But remember the history of Nazi Germany and the SS. Hitler started targeting the minority population first with the goal of dominance over all germans. My point is if my white Americans would have stand against the abuse of the minority (the reason why we live in a constitutional republic) this wouldn’t have gotten to the point of enslaving the mass population in the first place. Exactly like SS and nazi Germany

  6. Michael Edmonson

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. I’ve been stating some of these facts, but Candace adds such great perspective!

  7. Tom

    No one asked you to consider George Floyd a “hero” he was just a non perfect man who was wrongly and brutally murdered by a monster in a cops uniform. I’m white male and I think your video is pathetic.

  8. Bill Weems

    Candace Owen is a staunch right wing chest beater and Trump supporter. Her argument is reminiscent of FOX News hosts by listing all the “ills” Mr. Floyd was guilty of, not the simple fact that another black man, one of many over the years, died over a minor offense at the hands of police, which is what the outrage and protesting is all about. It suggests because of Mr. Floyds “jaded and checkered past,” it’s no big deal that he finally ended up dead at the hands of police. Black people shouldn’t “martyr” him…which in my view is a distinct right wing way of putting it. What should rightfully be “martyred,” is the societal injustice of institutional racism suffered by many people of color. And that happens all the time in this day and age. This is one of the reasons I left Freedom Force. What was once a vision of antiglobalism has seemed to turn into, a more often than not, right wing poltical agenda tool. I am an independent, and suspiscious of both political parties here in the United States with equal enthusiasm.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Bill, it seems you did not actually listen to what Candice said. She said none of the things for which you accuse her. Her points were: (1) The non-defensive killing of Floyd (or any other black person) by a white police officer is indefensible and cries out for justice against the killer; (2) The non-defensive killing of white people by white police officers (or black police officers) also is indefensible and cries out for justice against the killers; (3) The proportion of white people who are victims of non-defensive killing by police officers is higher than for black people, proving that these crimes are not motivated by systemic, anti-black racism; (4) Non-defensive brutality by police officers must never be tolerated, even if the victim has a criminal record but, unfortunately, this is bound to happen because it is inevitable that a few bad actors will find their way into police forces just as they do into political office, banking, education, and every other field of activity; (5) Fortunately, such cases are exceedingly rare considering the number of crimes committed and the number of police arrests being made every minute of the day; and (6) even in the absence of these facts, Candace finds it against logic, dignity, and morality to pretend that a criminal, even though brutally murdered, was an upstanding human being worthy of becoming a role model for her race. With such clarity of thought and incredible courage, Candace has done more to help her people – and the rest of us, too – than all the politicians and hate mongers put together. Bill, you are on the wrong side of this issue. Please come back to the light.

      • Walter G Rorie-Baety

        Mr.Griffin, your point (3) is taking a giant leap in over-assumption. If there are, as an example, (although it may just be a good guess) for times the number of whites in general than blacks, then all else being equal (c.p.), there will be four times the number of incidents with whites than blacks. If police are twice as likely to pick blacks than they are to pick whites, then the proportions will be more like 2-1 to whites, but that surely doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening at all just because there are still more whites than blacks as victims.

        Condition (6) also seems to be a non-starter; heroic acts can occur at any time and be performed by anyone. Someone who has done bad things, and then is caught jaywalking, should not be killed and then dismissed because of the prior troublemaking. Jaywalking is a crime, and those who do it are criminals. Passing off counterfeit money is also a crime. However, passing off counterfeit money can be done without criminal intent, while jaywalking cannot. My point being, criminal activity does not always indicate criminal intent, and someone who has done crimes, paid the penalties, and is not actively committing crimes intentionally, should not be immediately dismissed.

        That said, my attitude is like Mr. Weems – the act was outrageous, the fact that it occurred in the company of multiple other officers, none of whom seemed concerned about killing someone in their custody, is outrageous, multiplied.

        • G. Edward Griffin

          Walter, I am not going to get entangled in the web of whose math formula is the most appropriate for this analysis. That’s for each person to decide. No one is defending the police officers in this atrocity, so you are arguing against a position that Candace did not attempt to make. On the points she did make, however, she hit it out of the ballpark on every one.

        • by Victor

          But this was not jaywalking, He was full of drugs! This was a staged false flag as was Epstien’s so called self hanging, In my opinion they both are somewhere sipping on margies and spending your tax dollars!! After all Goerge was looking to start a new life,,,,,,,

  9. Peter Callil

    Oh boy, why does race stir up so much emotion that people can’t have an intelligent argument and reach a rational conclusion? The whole thing sure looks staged to achieve exactly what it’s being promoted to do by the media worldwide – stir up racial tension and encourage riots. Todd’s remarks about the Police state are sort of valid, but this op is intended to split the police from citizens as well as black and white. Note the calls of hatred against cops, all cops, which would create a siege mentality. The whole thing is staged, and if we react as we’re programmed to, that will set the stage for imposing martial law and bringing in the military, which will lead to UN peacekeepers being called in and calls for a one world govt to make it all better. Rubbish. Government is the problem, not the solution, as Reagan said. We have to demonstrate that we can govern ourselves, so here’s our big opportunity. What do you plan to do?

  10. Aaron from Idaho

    That’s an informative reply GEG, one that I have not considered. Could you provide more info on this? How do we reconcile this with the creation of ‘Police’ departments in the first place when we have always had the position a Constitutionally elected Sherrif? Aren’t the Police ‘Officers of Corporate Policy’ created to serve and protect the elites? And why can’t we restore the law to the Sheriff and eliminate the Police at the same time? Furthermore there are a number of communities around the world that have been successful at ousting corrupt police and have taken matters private, which in my opinion, is the wat it ought to be.

  11. Rollin Shultz

    The problem with the AVERAGE black person today is the same as with the average white person. They consume MSmedia and are easily manipulated by their vapid made-up stories delibarately geared toward creating emotional upset and produce actions fitting with their socialist agendas. But on the bright side, black communities are experiencing a huge wave of conservative popular information and awakening. Black celebrities are increasingly speaking their minds and some putting their money where there mouths are. But the average white person today is too touchy feely to accept logic and break free of MSmedia manipulation. They are eager to accept socialism and it’s limitations of freedom in the name of a false equality where everyone has NO rights.

  12. H

    There is only one race, the human race. We have been programmed through our education system to be racist. Google scientific racism and eugenics. Evolution promotes racism and it’s part of the lefts agenda. You go girl, scream it, scream it loud. !

  13. G. Edward Griffin

    Excellent points, Aaron. The whole thing boils down to the fact that (1) it is inevitable that people will want to appoint professionals to protect their property, their lives, and their freedom. Otherwise everyone would have to do it themselves, which would require that they carry loaded weapons during the day and ride shotgun on their roofs at night. The problem arises in that it is foolish to authorize someone to use lethal force if necessary in your defense and then let them do whatever they want in that pursuit. You have to watch them like a hawk. If you don’t, it’s just a matter of time before they turn the guns on you and, although you started out as their employer, you end up as their slave. This is a reality no matter what you call these professionals: soldiers, police, sheriffs, private, public, corporate, government, or anything else. There is no formula that will prevent this mission creep except eternal vigilance. In my view, that means a written contract that spells out that, since we have the right to use lethal force against another person only in the defense of life, liberty, or property, that’s also the limit of what we can delegate to our security employees. That means our security force, no matter how it is organized or what name is assumes, must not be allowed to use coercion or lethal force except in the defense of life, liberty or property. Nothing more. (2) The next step is for a dedicated group of citizens to form a volunteer committee of watchers to closely monitor the activities of the hired guns. The role of the watchers is to detect the slightest violation of the written contract and then discipline or fire those who brake the rules. That’s precisely the role to be played by Freedom Force International, which I created in 2002 to serve as the guiding force behind the liberty coalition. If this interests you, the place to start your journey is

  14. pam

    The entire idea behind slavery was to make a black man or woman be black but see the world through the eyes of a white justice system aka white people. Candace is educated and she sounds educated that is all. She don’t sound intelligent she comes and spit this same we should worry about other black people killing black people.Why did she discredit the reputation to make her point? why was it so important for us to know that a man that was brutally murdered was suffering from addiction? She has an opinion that is all, her facts are all NULL and VOID. She was expecting a big clap from the black community but no sane black person listens to Candace and Kanye prostituting themselves to be relevant for money.She is fighting for people but 99% of her audience are white..and that is facts..nobody takes her serious. we all know she is getting paid for this. All her supporters looks like @G. Edward Griffin

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Pam, I am posting your condemnation of Candace for two reasons: (1) we are true believers in freedom of speech even when we are in strong disagreement – which is the case here, and (2) because your arguments will cause anyone on the fence in this issue to come over to her side. Your comment that “all her supporters looks like @G. Edward Griffin” implies that there is something pretty bad about G. Edward Griffin. If you feel that way, why on earth are you subscribing to and reading my reports at Red Pill University? It seems to me you would be more at home with commentary from the militant left. Or do you have an agenda?

    • by Victor

      Don’t mess wit my S–t Candice! dem Demoncrats give me,,,

  15. Joan Detweiler

    Impressive and I hope that she becomes one of our future political leaders. While vacationing in the south a local TV station had a segment showing a 6 year old black girl arrested by white police. I don’t remember what the ‘crime’ was but it was obvious that the shot was staged and the TV news media trying to stir up racial anger. We all are being manipulated but those living in the cities are being hurt the most by these riots.

  16. Rosie

    GEG – I watched the video. First off let me state that I’m an (unofficial) expert on body language and facial reading. I read Candace’s face first of all and I saw pride; someone who was pleased with herself and the fact that because she’s black she’s qualified to speak on the issues. And yes, I still believe that she hijacked George Floyd’s death. EVERY person has a past – something they would rather not have brought out. Why should George Floyd’s past even MATTER?

    What I find so disturbing is that this young woman seems to put forth the idea that if you do something wrong then you brought it on yourself. Well my daughter was driving beautiful – her crime. And she was victimized by sexual sadist cops. So Candice’s premise is one that SICKENS ME IN MY GUT. I was driving disabled – my crime. And a psychopathic cop accused me of being impaired although my handicapped placard was in his face. I had to spend $10,000 to defend myself from false charges. The troopers had nothing done for ruining my life and reputation.

    Reading Ms. Owen’s body language – hands on hips, looking triumphant and tough – I see a woman full of pride. She has a lot to learn. She’s saying what she thinks other conservatives want to hear – years ago they were called an ugly term which I won’t use.

    Having been victimized by police I am now “qualified” to speak, even though not black. I felt emotionally raped. It was such a shock and trauma to have those you’re supposed to trust betray you like this and treat you – on your way to WORK – like a criminal.There was no fighting them. We contacted civil rights, disability rights – 15 offices and not one would help us.

  17. Rosie

    All, suspiciously said the same company line: “No crime was committed” even though it was clear a crime had been committed. They abused an humiliated me. I never tell this part but they forced me to submit to a urine test – they violated my rights by not giving me the choice. I had to urinate in front of a female police officer – who was likely a gay who enjoyed watching – with the door wide open. I have NEVER felt so violated in my entire life! I’m a shy introvert. All I was doing was driving to work when my car skid on the ice. My handicapped placard was visible but a psychopath cop out to make himself feel big and tough accused me of driving under the influence. I desperately told them I am disabled and they edited that part out of the video. I WAS THE ~ONLY~ PERSON WHO DIDN’T BREAK THE LAW. So I know just what George Floyd’s family feels. I know the feelings of helplessness in the face of the blue brotherhood who ALL LIE FOR ONE ANOTHER. They’ll rape your character and trash you. I attempted to show the officer my bruised foot and ankle from where I’d fallen from the disability and he LIED and said I pulled my pants down. I have NEVER met such FILTHY CREATURES IN MY LIFE AS THOSE STATE TROOPERS. Give Candace a few years. Let her be raped by state troopers as my daughter was and then charged with a crime they invent to shut her up. Let the brutal police state touch Candace’s life and then let’s hear her become a police apologist. Let’s hear if she’ll fall in line with frat boy Tucker Carlson, who also has never been a victim.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Rosie, please go back and listen to what Candace said. You still think she is a police apologist, but she emphasized over and over again that no one, repeat NO ONE, has any sympathy for what the cop did. She simply is expressing an old adage: “Two wrongs do not make a right.” I believe that is an eternal truth, don’t you?

  18. Rosie

    I studied the NWO and Nazi Germany, and we have moved much closer than you may think. During the takeover, many women were raped. Candace is a pretty girl like my daughter – she’ll be a victim, sad to say.

    I am trying to fight this whatever way I can. The church, disgustingly, has remained silent. To everyone who reads this I beg: SPEAK UP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.

    Remember Solzhenitsyn’s words in the GULAG ARCHIPELAGO: “Resistance should have begun right there but it did not begin. You aren’t gagged, you really can and you really ought to cry out that arrests are being made on the strength of false accusations. If many such outcries had been heard all over the city, the arrests would have no longer been so easy.” 
    They, the tyrants, can’t work in the public eye. Those who were so apathetic, hoping that nothing was really wrong, that nothing would happen to their persons and property, sat back and watched. 
    If you think all that is necessary is to pay your bills, to go vote when there is an election, and to stand back during the rest of the year and watch as your country and way of life are replaced by a system in which you will be a slave, you – not the conspirators – are guilty because you, by silent acquiescence, invite tyranny and oppression. 

    God bless you my fellow Americans. I implore you to take a stand now while you still can. Speak up while you still can. Whatever you do, DON’T REMAIN SILENT. REMEMBER GULAG ARCHEPELAGO.

  19. G. Edward Griffin

    Rosie, this will be our last exchange on this topic because I see that you are (understandably) too emotionally involved to deal with facts. You are unable to hear her say, over and over, that she is all for giving someone second or third chance, but that a 7th or 8th chance, especially when the person puts a gun at the belly of a pregnant woman and then robs her, is something entirely different. You have every reason to call out for justice against the cops who violated your rights, but you are on very thin ice when you want to bring down the entire system – which, incidentally, would unleash a thousand times more police criminality than now exists, because the thugs that now are being released from prison and the psychopaths who are setting fire to your neighborhood will be the new police. Our future is grim if we allow a few bad apples to become an excuse for chopping down the apple orchard. (This thread now closed.)

  20. Elise Kay

    She is so ignorant. Her analysis is flawed, wrong, and probably deliberately biased. No one, black or otherwise is trying to make George Floyd a hero or a martyr. He is simply a victim of brutality and murder by an agent of his own state. People are in the streets to protest murder by the police, not to uphold the victim as a hero. He did nothing but be a helpless victim.
    As to speaking for black culture, she is insulting in her ignorance. To know what black culture is and what black culture celebrates, she should visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture, as I did. There she would find who the heroes of the African American community are! Clearly she has no idea. During Black History Month at my church, costumes reflect the heroes of the African American community. There are no statues or monuments, no museum displays, no streets and building named, no historically black colleges named, and no costume during Black History Month of criminals, drug dealers, drug users or what she calls the “lowest common denominator.” Clearly she does not know enough about black culture to know anything about their heroes. Maybe, because African Americans are overwhelmingly Christian, they have a firm real practicing belief in the words of Jesus: ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ Matthew 25:40.

  21. Michelle

    Yoy say: “No one, black or otherwise is trying to make George Floyd a hero or a martyr” – Really? Then why are they parading him in a horse-and-carriage and a golden casket??? Candace is telling TRUTH – Thank you RED PILL for posting this!!

  22. bheggarty

    Thank you for the clarity , the facts, the “unemotional” talk and the background of research. Refreshing and authentic.

  23. Kenneth W Cartier Sr

    With respect to you Elise Kay, you are wrong about everything you have said. It is you that should educate yourself about the true facts. Mr. Griffin, thank you for what you do. You are one of the people that helped me see the light a number of years ago. In addition, you have been at this for as long as I have been alive, 1963.

  24. Louise

    I have read that the autopsy showed that the pressure on his neck did not in any way cause his death. His death was the result of the fentanyl which stops one from being able to breath. He had a massive deadly amount of the drug in his body. He would have died if the officer had just held his hand.

  25. Chrissy

    It really looks like no one knows that this was all staged. First of all, George was a 33 degree Freemason, reason why his (funeral) was so big. He got a Freemason funeral but! Is he really dead? I don’t think so. He was also a porn star… can find his video (if still there) on XVIDEO.COM. Second of all, the cop name Dereck chauvin used to be on TV as an host for -Cash cab, actor Benjamin Ray Bailey, so not a real cop. They actually worked together these two at a club, CONGA Latin Bistro. Do you know that this same kind of action with a cop over a black man happenned also in other cities and over to Europe? Yup! Everything is all staged in this world.

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