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Electromagnetic radiation from radio, TV, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, remote-control devices, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, smart meters, and 5G technology now is so intense that it has the potential to shorten lives, create illness, cause birth defects, and even alter the genetic future of the human race. 5G frequencies also are used by the military as a weapon against civilians for “crowd control” but which is lethal if the power is increased. Big Tech says there are no health hazards, and the military says it’s just for the bad guys. Do not believe it. Here are the facts.
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Europe Rising against Pandemic Scam 4.9 (88)

Europe Rising against Pandemic Scam 4.9 (88)

This is a compilation of three videos from London and Berlin recorded on August 29, 2020. Massive and enthusiastic crowds assemble to show their disgust with and defiance of the pandemic scam. Out of tens of thousands, you will see only one person with a mask. David...

Hazards of mobile-phone and wireless radiation are HUGE 4.8 (31)

Hazards of mobile-phone and wireless radiation are HUGE 4.8 (31)

With a PhD in Science and a Master's in Public Health, Devra Davis served on the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board from 1994 to 1999. She was on the team that investigated the hazard of second-hand cigarette smoke that led to the smoking ban on...