Top Eight Myths about COVID-19

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This is the cover of a single-fold pamphlet to share with your friends that shows how the official narrative of the coronavirus pandemic is based on eight myths. It’s purpose is to identify those myths, to restate them in terms of truth, and to provide documents and testimony to confirm the accuracy of our summaries. The purpose of this page is to repeat the content of the pamphlet and show the sources upon which this information is based. If you would like to download a PDF file of the pamphlet to print copies on your personal printer, click on the image. It can be printed in color or black and white. You may need to adjust print size to obtain equal white margins on all sides.

MYTH: Flattening the curve will avoid health-care overload and reduce deaths.

TRUTH: Health-care overload is an unverified theoretical concern but flattening the curve does not reduce death rates. It increases them. Prolonging an epidemic delays herd immunity and results in more contagion among susceptible populations than if it runs its natural course. Prolonging an epidemic causes more deaths.

Rockefeller University Professor Says Everything They are Doing is Wrong 

MYTH: Without immediate, drastic measures, millions and millions will die.

TRUTH: Predictions of frighteningly large numbers of deaths are based on biased computer models and fraudulent data. They are propaganda.

Bogus COVID Predictive Models Funded by Those Who Profit from Vaccine Sales 
Panic Statistics for COVID-19 and Global Warming Traced to Imperial College in UK 

MYTH: Statistics prove that COVID-19 is a pandemic of epic proportions.

TRUTH: After COVID-19 statistics are purged of deaths caused by conditions other than COVID-19, there is no evidence that death rates are significantly different from seasonal flu.

MYTH: Hospital records prove that COVID-19 infections are of epic proportions.

TRUTH: US hospital records reveal there is a strong financial incentive from Medicare for diagnosing as many patients as possible as COVID-19 cases, and even more so if ventilators are prescribed whether needed or not. 

FactCheck Confirms Hospital Incentives to Over Diagnose COVID-19

MYTH: Everyone should be tested because that makes it possible to quarantine those who are contagious, and this will save lives.

TRUTH: The standard COVID-19 test for those with no symptoms produces a false-positive 80% of the time. Quarantining infected people may reduce the speed of contagion but not the death rate. Quarantines increase death rates because they delay herd immunity, which is what brings all pandemics to a close.

China Study Reports COVID-19 Tests Yield False-Positive Results 80% of the Time

This study from China was withdrawn from PubMed, not because of the statistics or methodology of analysis, but because the conclusion was unacceptable. The study remains, however, and it’s conclusion plainly states that the standard COVID-19 test used in China produced a false-positive rate of 80.33%. 

Rockefeller University Professor Says Everything They are Doing is Wrong 

MYTH:  Everyone should be vaccinated because unvaccinated people spread diseases.  

TRUTH: Those who are vaccinated may be immune to a disease, but they carry (and spread) pathogens the same as those who are not vaccinated. Forcing the unvaccinated to accept vaccines will not further protect those who already are immune.

In Measles Outbreak, Vaccines failed to Protect. Close Contact in School did not Influence Contagion

MYTH: Vaccines are based on over 200 years of science and experience. It is foolish to question their safety or effectiveness.   

TRUTH: Vaccine science may have been founded on sound concepts but, in the past few decades, it has become tainted with conflicts of interest and political agendas. It is foolish to trust any product from this industry today.

Vaccine Makers Gone Rogue after getting law to Remove Their Liability for Doing Harm
Robert F Kennedy Lists Vaccine Crimes of Bill Gates and the Vaccine Industry
Study Reveals That all Vaccines Contain Toxic Elements Including Heavy Metals
Here are numerous articles on the hazards and negative effects of vaccines that were not carried by mainstream media.

MYTH: When the COVID-19 lockdown finally is removed, life will return to normal.

TRUTH: Authorities are saying the lockdown may not be removed until a ‘contact-tracing’ surveillance system is in place, which will prevent a return to ‘normal’ in any sense of the word that includes liberty and privacy.

Governors of 10 States Will Require ‘Contact Tracing’ to Reopen 

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