Class-Action Lawsuit against Pandemic Authorities

Oct 6, 2020

Reiner Fuellmich, is a lawyer with over two decades of experience challenging large corporations for illegal and unethical practices. Now he has turned his attention to the brazen fraud committed by a relatively small international syndicate of criminals posing as health professionals. In this video, he summarizes the facts that will become the core of a class-action suit against these people and the prestigious organizations they control. Reading from what sounds like the opening statement to the jury, Fuellmich brings together in one presentation virtually every major issue that lurks behind the controversies over testing, distancing, masking, and contact tracing. 2020 Oct 4 – Source: BNT HUB

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    In 2015 a guy called Richard Rothschild had a patent on pcr tests, he must have seen the future, I rest my case.

  2. KathyTittle

    Wow! Thank you!
    I have shared with many people who have to wear masks at work and argue with customers who will not.
    What can I do to get a Class action Lawsuit going in the U.S namely Oregon and my Democrat Governor Kate Brown?

  3. tuhermano

    Extremely informative, vital, and actionable presentation. This posting should be provided on a DVD for mass distribution and viewing. If you can rip this video onto even a single DVD, I, for one, will immediately commit to purchasing, reproduction and distribution of same.

  4. hellsbells

    Dr Kary Mullis spent a lot of his life in La Jolla California where I live. Apparently he died 4th August 2019 (suspiciously a few months before this co-vid scam got going). Timing is suspicious. Dr Kary Mullis invented the PCR test in the 1980s (when SARS was raging I think) and in the 1990s he received the Nobel Prize for this invention. I have recently seen an old interview with Dr Kary Mullis where he disavowed that this test should be used for detecting infections. Apparently after it is magnified over 35 times it does not give factual readings.
    He would be horrified (if still alive) to know how the PCR test is being used and had to be convenietly despatched.

  5. dlemonmd

    Another La Jolla (San Diego) resident here. Hadn’t heard of Mullin’s death and if he indeed was quoted as saying the test shouldn’t be used for diagnostic testing, his death should arouse suspicions. There are very few in any country, developed or o/w, who will have enough motivation, education, and awareness to sit through this, even though I rated the guy as a 5 star. One stumble in 45′ and his English was perfect. As mentioned in the Red Pill University intro, what’s needed is a documentary where the mentioned scientists/experts would appear saying the quotes that the guy mentioned. Had he asked for donations for such I woulda coughed up a hundred bucks easily. I’ll be anticipating hearing about the multi-pronged efforts to squash this, though realize the general public will never hear anything about it. Even a piece that ridicules the premises and people involved won’t be aired posted or published, cuz then a few sheeple might start thinking about how/why such a suit could be started. The small fraction of the internet still uncensored is our only hope

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