Deadliest Virus in the World: Communism

Jul 17, 2020

With this video Charlie Kirk squeezes into just 8 minutes (1) how Communists worldwide have used violent conflict, based on identity politics, to overthrow governments, (2) how it has led to economic chaos and the murder of tens of millions of people, and (3) how this tactic is being used today in America. It is highly recommended that this be viewed in conjunction with another program called More Deadly than War, the Communist Revolution in America, which reveals an additional layer of Leninist strategy that includes, not only the use of violence, but non-violence as well. The non-violent strategy builds on the fear instilled in the population by violence in the streets and causes them to embrace legislation they are told will please the destroyers and cause them to stop the violence. In reality, however, the legislation is designed to convert the old order into a Communist system by legal and parliamentary means. America is being conquered by Communism, not because of mobs storming government buildings, but by electing Communist politicians claiming to be socialists and justice warriors who are building Communism step by step, one law at a time. 2020 Jun 28 – Source: Turning Point USA

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  1. Olga Deutsch

    How to get this video out to the vulnerable younger generation!

  2. Jim Clark

    Black lives matter equals Communism. George Floyd proved to be the opportune event to accelerate this movement in America. Nikita said America would be conquered without firing a shot; we would be conquered from within.

  3. ConstantReader

    I disagree. Religion has been a much deadlier virus than communism and it’s been around a lot longer and infected and killed more people than communism.

    • Wat Tyler

      “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”

      Deutsch–Französische Jahrbücher – Karl Marx

  4. Ann D.

    This video is very sobering, and most of us know what is going on. The problem we have is congress…most will not do anything, probably, because they have been bought. They do not care about the American people, we’ll just have to comply w/what the government dictates to us, or death is inevitable. I get it. I’m old and my years are numbered, but I feel frightened for the young people and especially the children. The children are being traumatized right, w/the china virus and the side effects, will last their whole lives. God help us all! <

    • Deanne

      the problem we have is waiting for elected officials to do something. They are sitting on the fence to save their positions and don’t care what happens to the people who elected them. We are on our own folks. WE need to do something!

  5. John Doran

    An excellent 8 mins, thank you.

    The murderous Bolsheviks were funded to the tune of $50,000,000, in the middle of WWI, by the banksters. Chapter 9 of Pawns In The Game, a great 1955 book by WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer, William Guy Carr. Well referenced, but no index.
    rothschilds’ + 12 ‘pals’ 1773 plot for global dominance is in chapter 3.

    Can be read free online, using the search box at


  6. terry shead

    Excellent video, I am a great fan of Putin, even if is up to his neck with the mafia, he is the best politician I have ever seen and he is always in front of the western corrupt governments.

  7. clyf

    Neutral Observations: What about the persecution and murder of the Church by the officially atheist communist? What about the Holodomor? Your Marxist/Communist death totals are a ridiculously low joke to anyone even mildly interested, Communist starved to death over 10 million Ukrainians in just 2 years, 1932-33. What about the official communist policy of liquidation of all “useful idiots” after their usefulness?

  8. bob klinck

    In nature there is no such thing as equality. It is a completely abstract concept that cannot exist, because it has no place in the real world. For centuries politics has been contorted in quest of a chimeric ideal that has inevitably brought misery and death in tow. Trial by jury does not exist in the justice system to ensure equality, but, rather, to ensure fairness. The only place where we can realistically aspire to achieving equality is in the grave. Except as applied in the narrow domain of abstract numerical calculation, the word “equality” should simply be banished from our vocabulary. No free individual is “equal” to any other; within the care of the ethic modelled for us by Christ, each is unique.

    • Donald McKay

      EQUALITY refers to intrinsic value, as in human males and females are equal. But they are not IDENTICAL. They obviously do not have EQUIVALENCE; they are not INTERCHANGEABLE.

  9. Bob Lamontagne

    Antifacists are deranged political idealists, not recognizing that they are actually really facists. Almost funny. They are violent thugs hiding behind masks, cowards, and sad to see police often stand by as they beat people and burn property. This movement will not end well.

  10. Marlow Mosier

    Sorry to be pedantic but Communists have, contrary to the assertion in this excellent video, given up power. The USSR and the communist nations of Eastern Europe are obvious examples. On the economic front, although the Communist Party in Vietnam and Cambodia still controls government and will crush civil liberties where they deem them a threat, have nonetheless greatly liberalized their economies. They have for the most part abandoned socialist central planning and ushered in a great deal of free market reforms. Private property and profit making are now seen by these governments and the people to be a much better path than ossified socialism.

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