Fake COVID Data – What Lies Ahead Because of it

Jul 26, 2020

Almost everyone knows that the fatality rate and infection rate for COVID-19 is outrageously exaggerated. If there is any lingering doubt in your mind about this, Dr. Pamela Popper’s latest additions to the existing mountain of evidence should remove it. The second part of her analysis is even more important because it deals with what lies ahead, and that reveals the motive for faking the pandemic in the first place. This is one clear-headed and fearless lady. 2020 July 23 – Source: Pamela Popper

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  1. Suzanne

    I don’t believe anything the CDC ever says. They lie all the time and are liberal in their beliefs.

  2. Tom

    Just as i expected,-and good to hear it from an informative person such as Pamela!!

  3. Robert House

    video skips / pauses, can not listen to. I notice this with others too. some did ok in the past when you first stated to post them. Can you fix?

    • G. Edward Griffin

      This is a mystery. I test all of them when they are posted and they are not published unless they are functioning OK. Sometimes, however, there is a overload on the Internet, especially during the hours 5 PM through 11 pm when everyone in on their computers. I just checked the Fake COVID video and, as before, it plays smoothly – but, of course, it is almost 4 AM. Anyway I will keep an eye out for some other cause and fix it right away if that should occur. Thanks for writing.

      • William Burke

        Working fine at 4 pm Sunday. It says my comment is too short to be useful, so here I am making up more words to make it “more useful”!!! I hope so.

      • RedPillinfowar

        Mr. G. If you upload then at 480 p or lower, they will play better. The hosting platforms are not always “DLNA” compliant ( DLNA is a streaming protocol that will auto-adjust the stream rate for lower bandwidth connections) I have to do the same with my platform as my hosting plan also does not provide the DLNA protocol. A trick I have learned which you might find useful. Upload your 720p video to YouTube first, then download it using a tool called YouTubeDownloaderHD. Once the video is processed by YouTube, it is ALSO reduced in size (Megabytes). It is still HD but in a much small package thanks to whatever they use to process the videos. This makes a 100 megabyte video in HD download at a size like 15 to 20 megs. This I then upload to my hosting platform and it them works EXTREMELY well for my low bandwidth viewers. True it is more work but you get HQ video with a MUCH decreased “FootPrint” bandwidth wise… I hope I did not confuse you 😛

        • G. Edward Griffin

          I will look into this, but I do not want to rely on YouTube for anything. Perhaps there is another way to do the downsizing. Also, I am hoping to stay at 720. Anyway, I will look deeper into this. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • Matt

            “I do not want to rely on YouTube for anything” – G. Edward Griffin 2020
            True Words… You might try the bitchute or crypto style clones.

          • G. Edward Griffin

            Good news for all who were having trouble playing this video. The problem has been fixed – or so I think. I was able to reduce the bloated video file so it didn’t need so much bandwidth – and it looks like this has fixed the problem. If anyone continues to have trouble with this. please let me know. Thanks for your patience.

  4. DJ40

    In the case of “cases” the data is irrelevant because they do not define what a “case” is. I pay no attention to those numbers no matter who reports them.

  5. Harold Lindsay

    We are pretty much in lock down now here in Canada. All this has to stop. Thank you for all the information.

  6. Danny C Doege

    I too have the same skipping on all videos and I try to watch them early 6am or before. Something is wrong and I would very much like to watch them. I have tried to let the video pause and hope it catches up in the background but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas I would welcome them.

  7. Chris Furin

    The overblown reaction to COVID-19 seem to go hand in hand with the UN’s goals of Agenda 2021. Oddly many of the ‘Sustainable’ goals are vaccine related. You have to wonder what would a vaccine have to do with the goals of a one-world unelected organization like the United Nations. My guess is either Total Control over the population or some type of sterilization program to depopulate. Either way the future looks bad.

  8. Mark

    I’m convinced that somehow with some sort of algorithm program that these videos are being throttled. I can go to one site and they will work fine, I come here or to Info Wars and they all load very slowly to discourage you from watching them. It looks like it will take this one about an hour to be able to see the whole 14+ minutes.

  9. Steve d

    Video played fine. I get her updates everyday. She has the courage to take on the mob of sheeple.

  10. robert duffy

    Was a lawsuit mentioned? how about a class action lawsuit on behalf of all of citizens? I would chip in $10. Is this possible?

  11. John Taylor

    Perhaps dragging this out is serving a greater purpose like getting 5G infrastructure in place while the activists are in lockdown and cannot protest. Another reason is for the bankers to get the electronic money system in place so it can be quickly implemented. A further reason is time to set up a mandatory adult vaccination program with a monitoring system. No matter how you slice and dice it, humanity is between a rock and a hard place. Like they say in New Hampshire; Live free or die.

  12. Kevin Salnoske

    CDC=Chinese Doctor’s Conspiracies. If their lips are moving they are lying.

  13. Barbara J Nordeen

    Thank you, Pamela, for keeping abreast of the TRUTH amidst ALL the lies out there!

  14. John Fulkerson

    I believe this was a fake pandemic from the beginning. When this first started why did the CDC illegally order M.D.s to write on all death certificates Covid-19 as the cause of death? And coroners in N.Y. stated that, according to death certificates, 100% of the deceased were Covid-19, no one was dying of anything else! And even more disturbing is why haven’t “any” of our elected officials called them out on that? Did we elect the CDC to run the country? Are our ‘representatives’ just puppets for our corporate government? Why have M.D.s all over the world been reporting HCQ has been curing close to 100% of Covid-19 patients and our government and the fake news is still suppressing it, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths? Wearing masks have been proven to be harmful to your health, within minutes of wearing one you are breathing toxic levels of CO2 and they don’t block viruses.

  15. Robert Joseph Glaser- Bob

    Thanks for the video and University. Sending to skeptics and adding “for thinking people only” so hopefully they will watch and begin to explore the possibilities.

  16. RCA

    I just listened and it was fine. And so many people just won’t believe it. “But why are people dying?” Because there are ALWAYS people dying of something. The media just doesn’t report it daily like they do COVID.

  17. Robert Blay

    Excellent video thank you. It’s sick how gullible people are. No able bodied folk are getting sick or dying. It’s just a big game of Simon-Says played out to the choreography of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  18. Gery Warner

    Thanks for publishing this Ed. As to what’s coming next, Pamela is very likely quite right. NZ is often the crash test dummy for the bad boiz. Then Australia, Canada, then USA. It helps them fix any issues with the prototypes. But, what’s the ultimate goal? What’s the desired outcome? Is it chiseled into the Georgia Guidestones…”MAINTAIN HUMANITY AT 700,000,000″? If so, that would suggest this Covid nonsense may be a sucker punch for the left hook; an actually effective germ warfare disease. Having seen the Guidestones up close and the Denver airport “art” with children in masks painted 1994 and its theme of death and destruction, I suspect the worst is yet to come. When will Trump arrest them? Or is he another part of the complexity? Please keep up the great work.

  19. Stephen Moroney

    I had no issue watching it. Worked perfectly for me. It is probably an issue with John’s internet or computer.

  20. Tom Ball

    People like me need a way to connect and organize. Some kind of networking system needs to be established which will include all of the “little people” as well as those of means. It is the masses of ‘poor’ which will be most harmed by the new world order. Therefore, they above all need to be informed of what is being planned and what that will mean for them. Since the poor comprise the majority of the population, it is the poor who are needed to assemble a large enough mob to counter the Marxist insurgency which is being funded by the MEGA group. They also are those with the least to lose and therefore those who will be most willing to take the greatest risk.

    • Miriam Brown

      Tom, think the French Resistence. The rule of 3. Recruit two, ask them to do the same but you are not to know who they are. You do not tell your two who the other is. You can start as many groups of 3 as you want. They can to. No one knows who the others are, but you all agree to the same freedom of movement, freedom of thought and freedom of choices.

  21. Latus Dextro

    New Zealand has become an exemplar of the ‘tyranny of goodwill’ (CS Lewis), ‘…those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience’. The country is now a flashing beacon of dire warning to all liberty and prosperity loving peoples who reject the neo-Marxist corporatist globalist ideology of division, exclusion and inequality.

    Under a minority Left wing/Green government led by PM, Comrade Ardern, former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, devotee of the CCP ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and doyen of the divisive Rainbow Swastika, New Zealand appears to have seamlessly segued into its new role as a corporatist globalist test gulag. In this the government has been aided and abetted by its legion of Statist propaganda and indoctrination media, and let’s not forget the catalyst, the CCP Wuhan novel corona virus.
    And still, as difficult as it may be to believe, a mass of dumbed down indoctrinated sheeple have yet to awaken.

    • TOM Murao

      What ever is said and done, New Zealand has one of the lowest count for COVID cases
      and deatbs, at least much better than USA.

  22. Edward Wallace

    Pamela mentioned makeamericansfree.com Will check that out wonder if that’s her web site. She is an inspiration and needs to be listened to by many

  23. Amanda

    Yes. Dr. Pam Popper has been doing an excellent job. She’s set up https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/ to organize people into fighting against mandatory vaccines (she says if we lose on this, nothing else matters).

    More on where they are taking us with this scamdemic:

    Ex- World Bank economist, Peter Koenig explains the agenda of the ruling “elite” psychopaths– https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-cruelty-universal-lockdown/5710798 (see Lockstep scenario)
    And here’s more info on Agenda ID2020 (also part of the nefarious plot against humanity):

    Also, here’s Peter Koenig talking with Professor Michel Chossudovsky of globalresarch.ca:

    I worry that they are going to force us into this system by collapsing the dollar. Back when Dr. Ron Paul campaigned, we used to have “End the Fed” rallies, but all of that has faded away. I honestly don’t know what we are going to do, because all of the politicians in Congress are corrupt. How can we fight this if they destroy the currency?

    Greg Mannarino warns about the dollar here:

    ***please share these links and help wake up the sheep!!!

  24. mike

    These types of reports give valid examples why any free-thinking person would ever trust any government. One’s credibility is measured by their past actions. What can we surmise from past behavior of governments, agencies, and their enforcers? History, experience, and logic tells us that we should not trust ANY of them! Make them answer our questions and fire them when caught in lies and deceptions. It’s that simple.

  25. Anthony

    In times gone past people who worked against the interests of the country or king were tried for treason, and mostly executed. These people are accountable to no one. The press at one time would verify before publishing. I believe they are more than complicate. We need more DR Poppers !! Keep up this great work.

  26. Steve

    I discovered an advertisement on indeed.com a while back which references the army is looking for “interment / resettlement people; last I checked the posting is still there and I’ll include a link below.

  27. Maggi Herrington

    Is the whole “pandemic” a plot by China to bring down first world nations with economic clout? Why are the mayors & governors nationwide going along with the fake statistics? Why are they also allowing the Communist rioters to kill others & destroy property? Yes, if we are paying attention, it is obvious this is all a scheme to restrict us & remove our autonomy, & to usher in total control by big Government & big business.

    • Renrah

      they have either –
      a- have all been bought off
      b- are communists themselves
      c- are the infamous “useful idiots”
      d – all of the above


    I heard the epidemic threshold shows 11 weeks of decline.
    Can you supply a link to that report?

    Thank you

    • G. Edward Griffin

      That information came from Dr. Popper, so she would be the best person to ask. Her website is mentioned in her report here at Red Pill University.

  29. Pam

    Dr Mercola recently wrote about the declining deaths and the insights of John Ioannidis and other. His articles are always referenced. Mercola.com

  30. Jeff Deitz

    Please feel free to add me to anything that will stop this nonsense that will help your cause in suing to stop this .

  31. Barb Sarver

    Me too, in to sue. This must stop. The frontline docs vid is telling. Love the Fauci? When did you ever see a dr put a stethoscope on a covid-19 patient? Listen to the doctors that do!

  32. Dave W.

    Yes, I agree totally. There is absolutely no truths whatsoever in their reports, and the health and welfare of humanity is not even part of their agenda. We never hear anything useful, truthful or helpful that works to raise our health to a higher level. Their practices sustain us always to a lesser level of well being.

  33. Jackagain

    The Cloward – Piven Strategy was written in 1966 by a pair of radical socialist professors from Columbia University, Richard A. Cloward & Frances F. Piven. Their plan was to overburden government systems by reducing employment and increasing the welfare state to the point of social and economic collapse. At which time America would have to accept socialism and then communism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYsoB5_k4EA

  34. Jared Vincent

    Dr. Antony Sutton and G.Edward Griffin gave us the blueprint of Globalism. Birchers the movement, Alex Emerick gave us the will to fight. In the name of Our Lord, lets demonstrate peacefully en mass in the Millions and resist every second in a coordinated fashion till these Demons are vanquished

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