Global Warming Totally and Mercilessly Debunked

Sep 1, 2020

Marc Morano, producer of the documentary Climate Hustle, delivers a trainload of facts to support his forensic analysis of the theory of global warming. We will not attempt to list those facts here because his presentation does that very well. In addition to providing scientific evidence, Morano shows how the proponents of this myth engaged in deception and falsification of data. When he gets finished there is no room for anyone to hide behind excuses of ignorance or innocent error. Their outright criminality is laid bare for all to see. 2019 May 14 – Source: Liberty Forum

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  1. Shelly

    Next you need to debunk fossil fuels

  2. hank

    Very interesting. The part where he shows how they bet on the up and the down at the same time was most effective. I guess that this speech was given May 2019. I think we are OK now, as Bill Gates and Dr Fauci have been activated to save humanity.

  3. Nick Schroeder

    Radiative Green House Effect theory says downwelling “extra” energy “trapped” and “back” radiated from the GHGs makes the earth warmer. (The atmosphere and its 30% albedo make the earth cooler like that reflective panel propped on the dash.)

    Where from, exactly, do the GHGs “trap” this “extra” energy? They must deduct it from the atmosphere’s energy debit card. If a credit isn’t applied to that card there will be an embarrassing deficit in the ToA balance.

    So how does this atmospheric energy debit card get refilled?

    Per RGHE the surface radiates as an ideal black body upwelling “extra” energy to recharge that debit card.
    Because of the non-radiative heat transfer processes of the contiguous participating atmospheric molecules ideal black body LWIR upwelling and recharging that “extra” energy from the surface is not possible.

    No “extra” upwelling energy, no “trapped” or “back” radiated “extra” downwelling energy, no GHG warming, no man caused climate change or global warming.

    The concept of “extra” and “trapped” energy violates physics and thermodynamics.
    The alleged upwelling and downwelling “extra” energy measurements are the illusion of improperly configured instruments and confirmation bias. Remember cold fusion where the “extra” energy turned out to be stray electrical currents in the apparatus.

    As demonstrated by experiment, the gold standard of classical science.

    Why the instruments are wrong.

    Why the surface cannot radiate as an ideal black body.

    And a summary just because.

  4. Martin Avila Sr

    This is a man who has common sense and true facts and see’s the hidden agenda of taking our freedom away in the name of humanity and putting us into a communist regime, and the facts are that the communists have killed more people than any dictators in history. Thank you for this enlightening message, and God bless you and the United States of America!

  5. Jeffrey E. Modesitt

    Puerile rant with little meat other than stupid headlines from mostly major media. I expected a rational discussion. but ridicule seemed to win the day. Waste of time.

  6. bob minarik

    The compilation of the hypocrisy of the climate change bigots is very well presented here. I will continue to share this far and wide. My thanks to the Red Pill University for supporting Marc Morano’s work!

  7. Renegade Prophet

    Lies! “climate change” is because of the approaching Planet X that NASA told us they found in 1983 before lying about it. It caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time it will end the coming, planned WW3 that is going to annihilate America on Oct. 10. All planned by your completely evil criminal bastard government! This is also the reason for the fake virus bullshit!

    • Kim4truth

      What time today will it happen? I want to make sure I’m nicely dressed.

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