Government Expert Witness Confirms Vaccines Can Cause Autism

Jan 10, 2019

Sheryl Attkisson reveals in her TV program, Full Measure, that a CDC scientist was silenced by the US government after reporting that vaccines can cause autism. In 2007, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman was the government’s top witness in a vaccine-court case, and he testified that vaccines did not cause autism. Now, he says that, during those hearings, he privately told government lawyers that vaccines did cause autism in some children. The Department of Justice immediately had him removed from the hearings and misrepresented his views to debunk claims against vaccines. In 2018, Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, convinced Dr. Zimmerman to document this deception, which he did. Kennedy says that Congress is not interested in rectifying the problem, because most congressmen are financially beholden to the pharmaceutical industry. This program was broadcast on 2019 Jan 6. [Be aware that we do not agree with the first statement made at the beginning of this program, but everything that follows is consistent with the information we have seen.]
Source: Full Measure / YouTube


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  1. Diana Sharp

    You have to actually read. The factual evidence is there. And all the neurologically damaged children are real. Damaged by injections of numerous Neuro-toxins. A plan to damage so many males from birth on, the result in 2 decades is not enough functioning men for the military.
    How do you destroy, and conquer a country? From within! 69 vaccines by the time a child is 18 years old, that is an extreme amount of of neurologically altering. I am a first hand witness of what this does to a bright eyed baby beginning to say words, and then the light in the eyes dims and the words they started saying, are stolen, the child’s intelligence is trapped, and the child’s struggle, and frustration is a constant trauma, heart breaking. And Cruel beyond the expression of any language!

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