I’ve Realized I’m no longer a Leftist. Here’s why.

Apr 3, 2018

Lindsay Shepherd was a teaching assistant and a self-described leftist who decided to show a video of Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson, a well-known anti-PC crusader, questioning government mandates forcing people to use the “preferred pronouns” demanded by transgender individuals. For that, she was mercilessly attacked by the Left. It was the straw the broke the camel’s back. In the video below, she explains why she decided to ditch the “disgusting” leftist culture.

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  1. doglover

    Thanks for sharing, Lindsay. The LEFT has become a CULT. I’m glad you have awaken.

  2. Claire

    Great testimony. So glad the veil was lifted for you.

  3. John T. Vian

    I really admire anyone who will stand out against the odds and fight for what they believe is right. Yes, it’s a dirty war, I pray that this young lady will stay tough, read the Bible and use it as the double edged, razor sharp weapon that it is. If used correctly, even the best of the vile, nefarious, wicked people will fall…

  4. Leigh Skinner

    Lindsay, I congratulate you for waking up. It’s called Critical Thinking. No one has the right to assume all words and titles are true about a person, as that is very simplistic and this isn’t a simple world. It seems to relate to where or by whom they were raised and influenced by.

    Something you didn’t mention about leftists is that at least some of them mean well in defending a particular race or ethnic group or gender or sexual identity. But in trying to support them, leftists will usually go overboard by cutting off the opposing person’s right to explain their views. If the left would give that person a chance, they would learn that that person doesn’t so much disagree but actually is trying to add some additional thoughts, sometimes through praise, for the issue.

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