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Good news! After having all our videos taken down twice (the first time because Vimeo did not like our COVID skepticism and the second time because of an error in assigning our videos to BitTube.tv instead of BitTube.video) we finally are back on track and much wiser than before. The task now is to methodically restore all videos starting with the most recent ones, moving backward. This will take time, but please be assured we will be doing our best to complete the task before Christmas. Thanks for your understanding and continuing support. ~~ GEG

Random selections – always relevant because they reveal eternal truths.

The Covid Con Game and End Game

<p>Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and...

Microbiologist Says Vaccines will Decimate World’s Population

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, an American-trained microbiologist now living in Germany, says the Covid-19...

Freedom Rising over the Fourth Reich in America – Leigh Dundas

In this speech delivered at a Health-and-Freedom rally in Orange County, California, human-rights...

How Nazis and Socialists Conquered America

This is the personal testimony of Kitty Werthmann who saw Hitler’s rise to power in pre-war...

Governor Noem Tells How S Dakota Benefited from no Masking or Lockdown

Kristy Noem, Governor of South Dakota, speaking at a conference of Hillsdale College, describes...

China’s Chief Epidemiologist Admits COVID-19 was Never Proven to Exist

Andrew Kaufman, MD, interviewed by Del Bigtree, delivers an excellent short course on the risks of...

An Idea Whose Time has Come – Your Life & Liberty Depend on it

There have been many proposals for ways to reverse the global tide of collectivism, but none have...

The Metamorphosis of George Orwell and the Message of 1984

This is a BBC documentary on the life of George Orwell, author of two of the most acclaimed...

The Left Wing & Right Wing are Both on the Same Bird Called Collectivism

G. Edward Griffin, interviewed by Christian Gomez, gives a short-course in political science...

Anatomy of the Deep State – It’s Deeper Than you Thought

Mike Lofgren, author of The Party is Over, in an interview by Bill Moyers, describes the nature...
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Is Q-Anon a Deep-State Psyop to Neutralize Resistance? 4.5 (110)

Is Q-Anon a Deep-State Psyop to Neutralize Resistance? 4.5 (110)

"Operation Trust" was a Bolshevik program in Russia from 1921 to 1926 designed to neutralize opposition by creating false expectations that a powerful group of military leaders had secretly organized to stop the Communist takeover. Internet commentator AnOmaly delves...

One Minute and Forty-Thee Seconds of Political Reality 4 (59)

One Minute and Forty-Thee Seconds of Political Reality 4 (59)

This short video speaks for itself, so our commentary will be condensed into just eight words: Political speeches are not to be taken seriously. 2021 January 15 - Source: Life in the Labyrinth - brandnewtube.com RETURN TO HOME PAGE  You can view this video from...

Why did Bill Gates Switch from Software to Vaccines? 4.8 (76)

Why did Bill Gates Switch from Software to Vaccines? 4.8 (76)

The answer is given in the first 60 seconds of this documentary when Gates says the investment return on vaccines is 20 to 1. But the story does not end there. Beyond incredible profits there is the lure of power over the entire human race, even to using vaccines...

Lockdown – the Dark Side vs. the Right Side of History 5 (51)

Lockdown – the Dark Side vs. the Right Side of History 5 (51)

This video includes two presentations: the dark vs. the right side of history in context of the 2020 pandemic lockdown. It begins with film of the famous experiment that took place at Yale University in 1961 in which normal people were tested to see if they would do...


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