San Diego Resident Confronts Health Director over Covid Lies

Sep 27, 2021

Shaun Frederickson, a resident of San Diego, California, publicly confronts County Health Director, Dr. Wilma Wooten, with her own published statistics, which prove she is lying about the number of Covid deaths in the county. He concludes the only reason to lie is to scare the public into supporting a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with public health. He closes with: “We the people are tired of these lies. When are you going to stand up for the truth?” Although these words are spoken by one young man standing alone, the sentiment comes thundering from the soul of America. 2021 Jul 27 – Source: Good Evening San Diego

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  1. Lilith Marie Haas

    This cheered me up and gave me hope in this time of such darkness. Being in Los Angeles County and seeing how oblivious people are to the unlawful mandates being forced on workers, it was good to see someone speak the truth and not be attacked.

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