The Antikythera Mechanism – A 2000-year-old Impossibility

Aug 2, 2020

A mechanical calculator that accurately plots the movement of heavenly bodies, and predicts the dates of eclipses was discovered in an ancient shipwreck off the coast of Greece. It would be a challenge for the finest watch makers in the modern world to replicate this instrument, but it was created over 2,100 years ago at a time when humans wore togas, walked in sandals, had primitive tools and no machinery even close to this technological excellence. Who had the knowledge to built this? Some think it might have been Archimedes but, if so, where did he get the metals, gauges, and precision tools to build it? History must be rewritten to accommodate this artifact. 2017 Mar 29 – Source:  Wise Wanderer

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  1. turtle

    Found in ancient wreck… in salt water…
    Found in ancient wreck… in salt water…

  2. Richard Shokite

    Excellent Antikythera Mechanism presentation. It makes me wonder how smart we think we really are? But also how nice that at present we are able to reconstruct what was developed a long time ago. View and Viewer are one! Thanks for passing this by my way.

  3. James Keyworth

    An amazing accomplishment by a disparate team of curious researchers focused on a common goal! My hat is off to them! As to the origin of the technology being ancient Greek engineering, it seems odd no other examples of such accurate miniaturization have ever been found. An alternate explanation could involve an H.G. Wells period person who took and lost such a mechanism with him on a time machine voyage to the ancient Mediterranean world.

    • Nelson Obeso

      I have read about other examples of this mechanism. One gentleman found one on land in England and I believe its in a museum over there. Also the article mentioned the existence of several more items of this.

  4. Annette C Glass

    I’ve seen plenty of videos that mention the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism, but this is the first one that explains it in full. Until you see this, you can’t appreciate what an amazing discovery it was!!

  5. Bob Hurt

    The Greeks were great in math, science, & technology thousands of years ago. What happened to cause their decline? Migrants or invaders seriously dumbed-down their gene pool.

  6. Gene Johnson

    Fascinating. I’d be interested to know if that device took care of the “regression” one sees in some planets as viewed from the Earth. Does anyone know?

  7. Cathy

    I went to see it in the museum. Also, my diving teacher was in one of the expeditions, and my ex-boyfriend wrote articles about it. There are many things that the press did not release; like there was an “instruction manual” written, on the metal, on how to use it. The letters were in Greek (I have seen it) and so small that it was impossible that a human hand could have written it. It could only have been done by laser or something like laser. Look, it was found in a BOX, in a shipwreck. They took the ship age to give the age of the mechanism, but it does not mean it was from the time the ship was built. Many Greek researchers who go through old documents realize that the world is much older than our history books tell us. There are geological and archaeological findings that never get “disclosed”. Check Michael Cremo’s book:” Human Devolution”. We have not been evolving but “devolving”.

  8. Imari

    Really enjoyed this
    The idea of Earth being stationary in the Heavens seems right in my heart.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Hello Imari. It is my understanding that the Antikythere Mechanism predicted the motion of the planets around the Sun and, thereby, also predicted the cycles of lunar eclipses. If that is true, it assumed the Earth is in motion, not stationary. Do you see it differently?

      • Paul

        The whole thing seemed to be based on an geocentric universe, I didn’t see any mention of Antikythere being heliocentric. Much like the astrolabe, a very accurate geocentric device still used today. And nasa even says on their site they still use the saros (geocentric) cycle to predict eclipses.

  9. Renee martin

    The Antikythera Mechanism has fascinated me for many years.I really enjoyed Watching this team of mainly mathematicians working away to discover the mysteries of thie amazing mechanism.Thank you.

  10. by Victor- Douglas : Bunch, beneficiary of the trust

    Funny thing is ” We have never been tricked or lied too before!!! Hey hey hey just-a-saying,,,

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