How Joseph Stalin Concealed the Death of Adolph Hitler

Jul 31, 2020

The death of Adolph Hitler has long been shrouded in mystery and in suspicion that he escaped to South America where he assumed a new persona and lived in luxury until death by old age. This suspicion was fueled by none other than Joseph Stalin who spoke about it and defended the story until his own death. This documentary uncovers the hidden documents and the testimonies of those who had primary information about this matter. Some of those who gave testimony were kidnapped by Stalin’s agents and spent most of their lives in prisons and concentration camps to ensure that their testimony would not be heard. This is the story of how the truth was eventually discovered and what the motive was for keeping it hidden from the world. ‒ 2020 Apr 30 – Source: DW Documentary

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  1. Richard Shokite

    This was a great film on Hitler’s death. Especially the parts about the dental assistant, Kathe Heusermznn. How could anyone survive and thrive after all that? Amazing.

  2. Douglas Jack

    While the Allied countries, then as now, are commanded & controlled all by ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) big money, without much in the way of stakeholder involvement, Allies have next to no collective intelligence, bad design, poor engineering, design for obsolescence-failure, garbage with recycling options etc. All these reasons of Economic Democracy were the primary reasons why the Axis fought WW1 & 2. Allied moneyed oligarchy after millennia of colonial genocide extraction & exploitation, killing/genociding 100s of millions of people throughout Africa, the Americas, Australia, Middle & Far-east were just too powerful for the Axis. Centralization of false ‘capital'(L. ‘cap’ = ‘head’ = ‘collective-intelligence’) into the hands of the select oligarchs & their trickledown submissives has eliminated intelligent design. The Windsor, Rothschild & Vatican-bank trillionaires control the key false ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’) issue by the US-Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England, Bank-of-International-Settlements, World-Bank & International-Monetary-Fund. Control of money issue gives oligarch total command & control over all governments in all matters. I’m not justifying war on anyone’s behalf. Just saying the Axis fought for humane reasons any people can identify with. In this ongoing culminating age of oligarch abuse to the limits of the biosphere’s capacity to support life on earth, we are all challenged to know about our once worldwide ‘indigenous’ heritage of peace, prosperity & just plain old well-planned humane economy.

    • Douglas Jack

      G. Edward Griffin, I noticed you edited out part of my comment going into the Participatory laws of Germany & the other Axis powers. I commend you for doing a wonderful articulate & sensitive editing job, helping to bring the comment down to a manageable length for easier reading. Thank you. This war subject is very complex & normally buried by the controllers of MSM. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hugo Feugen

    The way the final advances were being made against Germany were all-too predictable as to how they would end. If I had had Hitler’s resources in 1945, I surely could have made good plans for escape, rather than be trapped like a rat in a bunker. One body double with a mustache? They apparently intended using gasoline to incinerate bodies, which would knowingly have left dental remains at worst. It wouldn’t at all have been beyond Hitler’s conniving and wherewithal to have a body double be outfitted with teeth that closely resembled his, even adequate to fool Kaethe Heusermann (with the several gold ones in a row, which apparently was the main confirmation for her). I find the documentary’s failure to consider this alternative a flaw, possibly a fatal one.

  4. David Owen

    “The Nazis didn’t loose the second world war, they just had to change venue.”
    Michael Ruppert
    “It is impossible to understand the history of the post war era without recognizing the survival of the Nazi International.”
    Dr Joseph Farrell
    This doc is German State Disinfo for people who don’t do their own research.

  5. Rock

    Noticeable is that, although Harry Hopkins is mentioned as the American envoy dealing with the Soviets just after the surrender, it is not mentioned that he was a Soviet Agent who was stationed in Washington DC, and had infiltrated the US Government to become a close advisor to both FDR and Truman – aimed at dragging the US into the war against Germany – as another means to enable the spread of Communism across all of Europe and the World. Germany fought WW-II in a futile attempt to stop the spread of Communism – so the one question I never hear asked – is why was FDR determined to drag the US into a war that was against US interests – on the side of Stalin and the Commumists ?? I am always bewildered by the fact that so few Americans realize that FDR was a “closet Commumist” – and a traitor to America’s Founding Principles.

    • Freifrau Gabriele

      The content of this video is another regurgitated piece of Allied entertainment to keep the average pleb from finding out what really took place.
      The American (Zionist) support for the Soviets before, during and after WWII is to this day kept under lock. Want to learn more about FDR, read the Diaries and remarkable book of American veteran Major Racey Jordan, an officer in WWI. Jordan’s work has been avoided at all cost by all the big media, film producers and most libraries. Because of his military experience he received the post of a “lend lease” and became an agent and liaison officer to the Russians during WWII. As liaison officer between the U.S. and the Russians Jordan was surprised about the influence the Russian colonel Anatoli Kotikov had over Roosevelt’s aide Harry Hopkins. Every time the Russians needed anything, even special equipment, a call to Hopkins by Kotikov was all that was needed for a speedy delivery. Jordan noticed the black cases that accompanied almost all deliveries and he became suspicious. He once was able to open one of the cases. He found papers about nuclear fusion, a list of the material on its way to the Soviet Union, two pounds of uranium 92 and deuterium. He wrote a diary with detailed descriptions of this and further events. In Siberia a money plane had crashed which had carried printing plates, paper and other materials so the Russians could print the same occupation money for Germany as the Americans! Because of the “lend lease” treaty Stalin received from the U.S. 20 000 aircraft, 398 000 trucks, twice as many tanks as they had when the war started, railway engines, cars, food and secret material. Why would the U.S. government help the Soviet Union in the Second WW? These were just a few examples. Soviet Russia was an obvious tool in the plan of the Illuminati ( Protocols ) to enslave the entire world under a NWO. Think about it.

  6. Freifrau Gabriele

    The quotes by Michael Ruppert and Joseph Farrell show with no doubt how the average person has been indoctrinated about Germany’s history. The word ‘Nazi’ is a smear word that has not only be been used to mark an entire nation, but call everything else that does not fit into ones concept when in disagreement, used negatively to smear the next victim or applied to the next scapegoat targeted by the powers that be. When all unfolds, there will be many in this world who won’t be able to handle the truth, cause truth is stranger then fiction.

    • Jek Silberstein

      I believe Freifrau Gabriele on many points. For just one thing, Zionist Jews WANTED the “religious Jews” to be liquidated, because the Zionists wanted land in Palestine for the country of Israel. The National Socialists took their name “NA” and combined it with the initials of the Jewish-group, the Zionists that gave the Party millions of dollars. So “ZI” from Zionists was added to the “NA” of the National Socialists, and the combination, “NAZI” was born. Very few Jews are aware that among their first “Traitors” were the Zionists.

  7. G. Edward Griffin

    You will be pleased to know that we have a recording of Major Jordan delivering a speech in which he describes all of the things mentioned here plus a lot more. It is in CD form as part of our Audio-Archive series. It is available at the Reality Zone here:

  8. G. Edward Griffin

    Hello Jek. There is good reason to believe that Zionist Jews in Germany, who where bound together by political ideology rather than theology, were amazingly indifferent to the elimination of “Religious Jews”, but your explanation of the origin of the letters ZI in the name Nazi caught my attention. I have never seen verification of that. My understanding, which is reinforced by the explanation itself, is that National Socialism, in German, is Nationalsozialismus. The official name of the party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP). In both cases, the letters ZI are found in the name itself. Can you provide the source of the information that shows those letters coming from Zionist? If this can be substantiated, it would be an important historical fact that should be widely known. Otherwise, it serves no constructive purpose.

  9. Jerry Clifford Kays

    I agree with the bulk of commenters here, the film was simply more BS propaganda. There has been much more research that shows his escape to Argentina and the bulk of the most valued NAZIs “paperclipped” into the American (Zionist) system.

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