The Coronavirus Pandemic that Never Was

Sep 12, 2020

In March 2020, international best-selling author, Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, was the first medical doctor to describe the coronavirus pandemic as a hoax. Here he analyzes how it was perpetrated from its beginning, and shows how politicians and drug-industry tycoons have used it to make the rest of us victims of the greatest crime in history. This is a brilliant and perceptive summary of the first five months of the pandemic that never was. Since there is no visual content in the video other than Dr. Coleman reading his commentary, the program is listed as an audio recording. However, the clarity of the analysis and the captivating way in which Dr. Coleman tells this story will have you hooked before the one-minute mark. You will not miss the visuals mainly because you will see them in your mind.  2020 July 20 – Source: Vernon Coleman

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  1. Ernest Eusea

    I “discovered” Mr. Vernon Coleman back in March and was hooked by his refreshing and honest commentary. The man is a treasure. I love the old man in a chair!

  2. Robert Beiswenger

    This was an outstanding evaluation of the Balognavirus…(my name for it)! Simply but accurately presented in a calm manner. Everyone should watch it,

  3. kim

    knew this from the very beginning….thank you for sharing this truth



  5. Benjamin V Napier

    My thoughts and observations exactly. Coronavirus is the greatest hoax and crime ever perpetrated on the people of the earth. A bunch of potentates should be the star guests of a giant necktie party.

  6. Lincoln Pickard

    IMHO: There are a lot of folks that I have talked to realize the pandemic is a hoax. The covid-19 virus is real but only about as bad as any influenza that is suffered every year. The vaccine companies are scared of Hydroxychloroquine which helps zinc fight off covid-19. Their real fear is that when people realize how zinc keeps people safe from covid-19, that people will realize this combination of hydoxychloroquine and zinc will stop any virus and this would destroy the vaccine business they have been making millions on year after year. As Vernon Coleman said this is a crime. IMHO: It is a crime committed by very greedy people. Ask yourself how much money would you have to paid to let thousands of people die every year? Some of you should be ashamed for coming up with a number.

  7. Judy Leary

    Wow! Thank you Dr. Vernon Coleman for this excellent piece of work. It’s very hard to find people who are willing to tell the truth these days & you have nailed it! I will be pleased to share this with family & friends. Kind Regards, JL

  8. karl richard

    I feel for the hurdles being thrown up to block you, etc. I also feel somewhat lost – cummunication-wise -living in Spain. I cannot find any information to register (online) for the conference. In the past there was a payment issue and I was unable to purcahse some videos of a conference. Is there any plan to offer recordings/Zoom access/??? for the conference? After you were “locked out” several weeks ago I caught some “renewal of communication” but have the impression that this too was interrupted. Are you now publishing full-steam or is there still a hitch? Please forgive my “chatty” format and many thanks for great research and answering this email.

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Red Pill Expo 2020 Jekyll Island is on track now and running full speed. As far as I know, everything is functioning as it should. Go to and you will see everything there is to know – with more information being added daily. There are “register” buttons all over the place, so you can’t miss them should you want to either attend the Expo in person or watch live stream. Wait til you se the speakers that have conformed so far.


    Dr. Coleman is, of course, correct. The hoax was scripted and rehearsed in a “trial” pandemic scenario 5 months prior to the “outbreak of Covid-19”. The video with that evidence is posted on along with an opportunity for viewers to actually DO something themselves about this social disaster before it is too late. Thank you, Dr. Coleman!

  10. Terry Cole

    I have been a believer of this scenario since the beginning. Thank you!

  11. Mark Are

    Whenever governments anywhere act like they have their best interests for the people you have GOT to know something is wrong. Psychopathic control freaks are never in government for anyone’s benefit but themselves. EVER. Oh, yes there may be a few that manage to get in that have our best interests in mind, but they are soon compromised by those who actually turn them from being an average person into a multi millionaire by the time they leave office (if they ever do!). CONgress in the US is populated by people who were either born with gold spoons quickly shoved in their mouths or who get to have gold spoons by the lobbyists that fill their coffers with filthy lucre. Try vaccinating me or my loved ones and I will kill you.

  12. JosephMarcell

    ‘Father, forgive them, for they know what they do, and they still persist in doing it.’

  13. Ray Leclair

    This is such an well explained and accurate sequence of events that’s been well explained by a true and respected Doctor who is not afraid to tell the truth about this “PLANDEMIC”. I admire your courage and research Doctor Coleman and so do many of my co-workers and family members!!

  14. Kevin Desmond

    Mr. Coleman breaks it all down with his wonderful timeline analysis. This is nothing more than the global elites stealing our freedoms and liberties again under the guise of keeping us safe. Are we really that gullible? It seems so. We allowed it after 9-11. Yes a digital currency effort is coming to take what remaining freedoms you have left. We appear to be standing at the end of the road with the only decision left to us being submit or fight. The funny thing is that none of this effort by the elites is even possible if the people unite. We outnumber them a million to one or more but their media outlets keep us contained like sheep by a border collie. History is about to breakout in a big way in one direction or another. In times like these one can understand how a French Revolution came about. Are we up to the task and the challenge is the only question remaining. If I go by the percentage count of those wearing their silly little masks I may have already found my answer.

  15. Kay

    Enlightening, absolutely enlightening.

  16. Polly Anglin

    The truth stands on it’s own. Thank you for this concise presentation of it.

  17. Keith macgregor

    Excellent what I have been saying all along.

  18. John Greer

    People need to judge independently. Thank you Mr. Coleman for your video and for pointing out what I believe is the truth. If anyone wishes to counter, with facts, what Mr. Coleman has presented here, I’m all ears.

  19. terry shead

    I have read quite a lot of Vernon books, so I have followed him for years, he speaks the truth.
    My next door neighbours have been tested positive on this fake pcr test, but trying to convince them it means nothing, they think I am from the moon, fear controls people, good on people like Dr Vernon.

  20. Geoff

    OUTSTANDING summary !!! Thank you Sir, for the wonderful dose of reality. I’d be happy to take this “verbal vaccine” once a week until all this silliness is OVER!!!

  21. Bruce Palmisano

    This video just confirmed what I’ve been saying for a while.This coronavirus is a fearmongering big HOAX on the people. Masks don’t work because the molecules of the virus are so small,they go right through in both directions.

  22. Frank Morrison

    Dr Vernon must be herd nations have sleepwalked into the end of Humanity as we know there is no intention on the Part of the state to stop the Madness we all know who is behind it we have to fight back now or forever have the Boot smashing down on a face as told to Winston Smith except this time it will be our face Keep going Vernon God Bless you

  23. LC


  24. Jim Sherwood

    I agree 1,000 %. I have had needed surgery cancelled/postponed for 6 months due to this hoax. Then in July prepped for surgery > tested “positive” > LISTED AS A “NEW CASE” > ABSOLUTLEY not sick. Nurses seemed not surprised that I was a “new case” but NOT SICK. County health official also not surprised that I had no symptoms of illness > neither my wife who has multiple underlying health problems NOT SICK.

  25. wayne

    Well stated, sir. Thank you for having the courage and perseverance to continue publishing against the odds and the powers controlling the flow of honest observations and spoken truth.

  26. Pat Holley

    Some of us need closed caption. Thank you for being there

  27. Jim

    Vernon Coleman reminds me of my High School English Teacher back in the 70’s. What he says, makes sense. I suspect that the COVID-19 “pandemic” is a false flag op for a covert agenda to implement a global crisis for marxist revolution through the United Nations. Part of that operation is U.N. sponsored geoengineered drought in the West Coast of the U.S. and subsequent fires and then blaming it on climate change (another U.N. agenda) and calling it undebatable – similar to calling COVID-19 undebatable. And then implementing more draconian measures on the masses, carbon taxes, water rationing, food rationing, restricting travel, requiring vaccine passports, etc.

  28. Barbara Cartile

    I heartily approve of all that Dr. Coleman has to say about this hoax. Please publish my comment.

  29. Barbara Cartile

    I have been watching Dr. Coleman`s videos since this hoax began, and I believe he is one of the few who is telling the truth. Please listen and believe all that he has to say. He is no longer on u-tube but has a new website on “” you can follow him there.

  30. Rick Cahill

    A pointed summary of the COVID19 virus hoax. Giving the history of several other plandemics, this doctor shares his experience and dedication to exposing the truth. This is the best summary in 25 minutes that you will hear.

  31. Renate Ruth

    Outstanding! You are brave. Keep up the excellent writings.

  32. DEE


  33. Kathy Bedford

    Agree with you sir 100%

  34. C.A. Burnett

    You’re certainly not alone in all your stated thoughts! On this site I see no ‘thumbs up’ button, but trust you’ll see my own reply here. Thank you for your courage, honesty and desire to help people everywhere. It only takes a tireless minority, and I believe we surely have that. Glad to hear from you in your part of the world. Those of us who want truth take heart in knowing that others still use their minds and intellect for the sake of our world.

  35. Donna R Lands

    Dr. Fauci did the same thing here in the USA. Guess who owns the patent on the coronavirus, the treatment and the vaccines. Bill Gates is making a killing.

  36. Peter Webb

    You made it abundantly clear what my wife and I have believed from the beginning. The world is being dovetailed rapidly into the new world order, prophesied centuries ago in God’s Word; we are living in exciting times, one that the living God is totally in control of. The US is heading for total collapse and as an earlier article pointed out, it is according to the Communist play book. Only the Living God can end what’s happening. Trusting in Jesus is the only solution as your Lord & Saviour.

  37. Donna Liese

    I love this video! I agree with all points made. Thank you for speaking the truth and not allowing those who discredited you to silence you. We must continue to speak out and against the deception and deceivers. The truth and light shall win, hold fast to your morals and beliefs no matter what. God bless us all!

  38. Annouchka

    Thank you Vernon for that uplifting and informative video and thank you for your courage in speaking the truth.

  39. Claudette Tremback

    Thank you Dr. Coleman for your perceptive summary of the first five months of this fake pandemic. I feel like ET, very much alone on planet Earth. This crime is so huge that I’ve lost my respect for government. And if humanity is so weak that it cannot confront this monster, then all is lost. I’m 82 but hell — Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!

  40. Angela Aydinian

    You are brilliant. This is the first time in 4 & a half years that I have ever left a comment on a piece, but you were so absolutely lovely and clever that I had to for you. Arrest and jail isn’t good enough for those bastards! But they’re going to get what’s coming to them. You are wonderful and you should be extremely proud. I’m going to look at more of your things because that was great. Lots of love – Onwards and upwards,

  41. Alex Alexander

    This man has the absolute truth. If you read the Holy Bible, all of this will fall in line with the last days, those perpetrating the great lie will have to face God and He will not be very happy with them. The Bible is your comfort, not any form of government liar’s or story tellers. Follow your own truth’s and try not to make any waves, or they will come for you, just watch the “Fake” news and you know what I mean.

  42. Ray Cox

    Inciteful with typical British humor. What a combination! God bless you and thank you.

  43. Tony Anderson

    Dr. Coleman, the crime continues, as you may well know in Victoria, Australia the population has been in stage 4 lock-down conditions for the past six weeks, together with curfews from 20:00 hrs to 05:00hrs each day. These conditions will continue for another two weeks until postive case numbers, by government standards fall, to an impossible numbers for our release with significant consequences on our health mentally, being restricted to remain within a 5km radius of our residence. These conditions are reminiscent of the USSR at its heights. And the MSM and other socialist minded TV sources (ABC = UK BBC) promote these condition with jobless numbers on the increase as we live off borrowed money, when its all right for them, as their incomes are from the taxpayers. Yes, I have no doubt Bigpharma is heavily involved in this (Bill Gates is in the wings) and that a “vaccine” will also be mandated for billions, especially from governments that can afford the costs, whereas poorer nations will be left to fend for themselves, that is if they have any cases within their borders. Thank you for speaking out, but at the moment the “cancel culture” is everywhere, and it is little wonder that the PC YouTube has deleted some of your videos. Finally, about the move to a cashless society, what better way is there for governments to track people’s transaction, (the phony excuse is handling cash could carry/transmit COVID) as well as lessening the affects of the untaxable “black economy”.

  44. Carol Jeen

    Excellent commentary accentuated with the famous British wit

  45. ronnie diener

    Excellent! Thank you! I will post on my vicious governor’s site, the local paper site and the mind dead mayor’s site in Silver City NM.

  46. Anthony Finlay

    Coleman, very good . Shame more people are not listening to him

  47. Caroline Fraser

    Well, I’m not a “dribbling dead-eyed zombie who dwells in the dark,” I don’t watch BBC or ABC and I have no respect for Bill and Melinda Gates, so I have been suspicious of this whole covid phenomenon for some time. Thank you Dr. Vernon Coleman for your well documented history and analysis of this so-called pandemic sweeping the world. Thank you for your courage in speaking up. Here in Australia, the people of Victoria are being locked away in a very draconian manner. They have a curfew on them at night, and can only be outside their homes for an hour a day for exercise. Only 1 person in a family is allowed to go shopping for the family’s needs, and no-one is allowed more than 5 kilometres from home. People who protest are being arrested and facing massive fines. Queensland has shut its borders to the rest of the country and people living in border towns cannot visit sick and dying loved ones over the border, or attend their loved ones’ funerals. I am disgusted by the inhumanity of these state premiers. Please keep up your work of sharing the truth. The world greatly needs to hear it.

  48. Walter Buller

    I am so very grateful for his courage and insight. I don’t know how much money that Bill Gates and his fellow psychopaths and eugenicists have spread around to buy the cooperation of influential power brokers around the world in order to successfully maneuver this hoax into the greatest crime ever perpetrated upon a gullible and fearful public but it must be into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

  49. Judy Roseth

    Excellent! I enjoyed all the content. Very informative.
    Love the accent!

  50. Gale

    Thank you, thank you Dr. Coleman. I concur with everything you state. I have believed this virus fiasco has been a hoax since last March. It’s brilliant people like you that may convince some, who might otherwise believe this crap, to think again and consider what this is actually about. I too, have felt it’s not the virus we need to be concerned with but the vaccination. After all, “they’ve” been trying to get everyone to take a vax for at least a couple decades and people have wised up and are not getting in line as before. It will be interesting to see what sort of civil situation will occur when “they” try to mandate a vax for the virus.

  51. Hedwig Vermeiren

    I am not a doctor, politician or anything else….I am just a normal, person with a brain, and I have been saying to my husband….all this is not right. There is more to it! And I was right…I am afraid and very worried for the future of my children, and grandchildren…What a terrible world we live in!!!:-( I am so happy that I have watched this video, together with my husband, who now starts to believe what I said…

  52. Nicola Basham

    Dear Vernon, your words and your demeanour are a bright light in this covid1984 nightmare. Thank you and keep going. You are right,

  53. Ann Brisson

    I completely concur with the doctor and felt from the beginning that we were being duped.

  54. david a lomax

    Greed GODSPEED

  55. Gertjan Zwiggelaar

    When will pseudo statistician Ferguson be given his rope therapy for what he has done? When will the board of Imperial College be hung for their crime? Hang them all high for everyone to see in front of the WHO building where Drs. Fauci, Birx and the executive director are already swinging in the breeze. We are at war and now we must bring the war criminals to their just reward.

  56. Michael Quintero

    I suspected this along.

  57. Harold Platteborze

    If people want to understand what is happening around the world, all they have to do is to watch an old movie starring James Caan. It is called “Roller Ball”. Global elitest rule the world not governments.

    • h5mind

      Great flick, filmed in the wildly futuristic-looking city of Brasilia. Countries today exist in name only. Our laws are written exclusively by lobbyists for corporate interests. Look how little regard “leaders” give to preserving their nations’ cultural identity, language, and borders (the personification of country).

  58. Steve

    Brilliant and magnificent. Thank you.

  59. SickOfStupidity


  60. Tedd Koren, DC

    Your talks are a pleasure to experience. You are a rare combination of intellect, humor, insight, compassion and indignation.

  61. Delene Evert

    Thank you Mr. Vernon Coleman for your wonderful historical description of the unfolding of this criminal and tragic planned and carefully staged lie to the world to scare people, alienate people and control whole populations of countries under a police state hold. I love your English accent and respect your courage and capacity to tell this truth in a way that draws the listener to your entertaining style. May God Bless you for standing up in the face of evil and for not backing down. Few people have the courage that you display. You remind me of my idea as a child and through my life that Englishmen have lots of wisdom….you are an example, though I’m afraid the majority of youth USA/UK in USA are not on the path to your understand. I am grateful for having found your video through the RedPill Univerity site.

  62. frank

    thanks for your talk! How can governors and mayors etc be sued? for closing businesses, schools etc etc mask wearing exacerbation of illness etc
    A fellow The Vortex has a show that stated that the CDC USA just reduced C-19 deaths to 6% of the 169,000 +/- (about 10,000) for the year for all of USA after the Dept of Justice started legal proceedings against Gov of New York State and mayor of New York City USA. look forward to your reply

  63. Clive Edwards

    Bill and Melinda Gates – among history’s most insidious mass murderers. All vaccines should be tried out on them first.

  64. Michael Robeson

    Dear Dr. Coleman,
    Thank you for your continuing efforts to spread the truth. I disagreed only with one thing – When you speak about the immense hoax of Covid, don’t forget the one on Sept.11. You may appreciate this video produced about it and its connections to the Covid hoax. It’s produced by the long time YouTube journalist James Corbett, some of whose videos have also been banned. Best of luck in your libel suits.
    Best regards,
    Michael Robeson

  65. Angel

    So why are the sheeple wearing masks? I went into a store maskless and two millennials SCREAMED at me to wear a mask. I SCREAMED back at them and told them I had one. So HYPER! DEAR LORD HELP. My fellow Americans, we must join as a group to stand against it. Let’s make it NOVEMBER 1st TO JOIN TOGETHER AGAINST IT. WE HAVE TO SELECT A MEETING PLACE. DON’T GO TO WORK, DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY, DON’T DO ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU TO DO. THEN LET’S AIR OUR COMPLAINTS AND SOLUTIONS. BUT LET’S NOT GO WITH THE FLOW!

  66. Valerie

    This is excellent and so tired of being treated like a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed shit. Thank you for making sense of all this craziness and I will be passing on this on to everyone I can think of. What scares me the most is how easily government started taking control and how in fear, we let them. Please don’t stop writing and making sensible videos. You are a breath of fresh air and I too from the early months wondered what is really going on here??

  67. Debbie

    Incredible video. Thank you!

  68. Heinz

    Some one with some common sense Keep it up. These losers and nerds are selling us out for their own gains. Worst yet they are murderers, genocidal S.o.B’s with to much brain washing from the universities that are run by similar agendas. The agenda run institutions are also infected with mad cow disease, and really lost the reality of things. Wonder If that education is the cause of this madness.
    Keep up the facts and lets destroy the fear and replace fear with facts and science with that of sound mind. Let’s go after these sick people with their brain disease is destroying our world as we knew it ,and this brain disease/infection rate far out does the covid, traffic accident deaths and cancer rates combined. Just look at the people wearing masks even while driving their cars, diapers would be a better choice then masks on this B……t. It’s unbelievable what we have been fed from these experts, politicians and computer software thief’s funding the WHO driven fraud. Genocide is what they are doing. Dr. Coleman thank you for speaking up and God Bless

  69. Rosalie

    Thank you for your time and information your work is appreciated

  70. Jessica Malley

    Very interesting.

  71. Joe Staebell

    As with so many videos that I have seen where doctors come out and share the truth about this whole scam the stories the same…they all have been censored by YoutTube! I happen to agree 100% with Dr. Coleman findings, thoughts and opinions on the greatest scam in history put upon the human race.

  72. John Wear

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D. has also done outstanding research that disputes the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  73. D Brown

    Dr Vernon Coleman. A superb video…about Covid 9/11…. we’ve moved from homeland security… take off your shoes and belt.. to biosecurity….. including a vaccine for every one..and digital currency.. no thank you.
    Thank you Dr Coleman…. one of the first to see thru the smoke and lies…. and set out to expose the crime of the millennia .
    Face masks… the greatest weapon of mass destruction… of all time..Time for all humanity to get informed… then join in full time awakening the sleeping people..

  74. Michael Greg Quintana

    Absolutely wrong! Total nonconfront. This kind of misinformation is dangerous. There is lots people do not know about the origin of the virus. But it is real.. very real.

    • John Kaye

      How do you know it’s real? Did you know in 2009 about the N1H1 virus?
      It killed 1.5 million people. Infected 60.1 million. We wore no masks. There was no social distancing. Why is Covid19 such a big deal? With regard to the Hoax. Sure people get sick. We all know how to combat the flu. Why would Covid19 not be a Hoax?

    • h5mind

      Let’s assume there is a new, highly virulent virus (among the 200,000+ types which already inhabit our planet) and that experts have isolated its present genetic structure. Any vaccine produced for that strain will be rendered useless by a built-in characteristic of ALL viruses, namely, that they mutate to survive. For example, flu vaccine makers try to predict which strain will hit the coming flu season, and produce a shot for only that particular strain. This is why each year over 600,000 people die from the flu regardless of having been vaccinated or not. If governments and corporations truly cared about our health, they would be discussing how to boost our immune systems with good nutrition, clean living, and proper attitude. Anxiety and stress are known to cause “dis-ease” and eventually disease itself. Ask yourself why they are banging the drums of fear and panic over something they can easily confuse with flu or any number of other ailments?

  75. stuart appleby

    Brilliant analysis the greatest concern I have as a scientist is that science only works with the correct evidence based challenge and peer review. This is the only way we will get to the right answer. With the Covid 19 situation we the public are fed only one opinion with a dearth of primary facts to support “government” position and their related control measures. History has shown that when society censor information , stifle challenge and debate for the purpose of controlling the population and removing their civil liberties it has repercussions and consequences.

  76. Barbara MacArthur

    What is real is the hoax! And he called it from the very beginning! Every Ferguson/WHO/CDC “prediction” has been proven to be a lie.

  77. James

    Many people understand that diseases “CAN” cause extinction if not handled properly and that is a truth no one can deny, but it seems that its all too easy to deny facts if they don’t fit the present agenda of the corrupt foreign agents, so we have to start discussing the “freedom vs reaction based on fear of possible infection debate” before its too late to struggle against the takeover. Since Trump has come to power has anyone noticed that an organization is lashing out at him from the shadow’s? Seems like they were using terror and their hold on power to solidify their position and targeting anyone against their agenda from coming into political power & uncovering their atrocities on life. I don’t doubt that there will be a second wave of a much more violent version of this disease possibly around the time the vaccine is coming out. We were forced(hacked) to give them the research data to advance their research on their tailored bio-weapon. Elon Musk is apparently the greatest mind since Hawking died while warning us to beware AI on his deathbed and Jeff Bezos who worked alongside Musk building his own private space company is now the richest man suddenly. The real enemy works best from the shadows and use methods of censorship to control those beneath them while brazenly integrating them into their system, this is what a majority Hollywood has turned into. They have too much control over society, can we trust people who constitute of many demented individuals to be the ones to lead society into the future? For the people skeptical over all this just think about the implications of freely allowing these despots to advance their research on life extension, tech enslavement, and bio-weapons which can wipe the slate clean for a new world order. We need to start implementing rules that take all these facts into considerations upon those who seek to censor us before its too late.

  78. RenegadeProphet

    The hoax is all about the approaching Planet X and the coming, planned WW3 that is going to destroy the USA Oct. 10.

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