Doctor Exposes Myths of Vaccines

May 15, 2020

Roy Martina, MD, is a leader in the field of holistic, natural health who has placed his professional career on the line by challenging popular beliefs about vaccines. There is no point in trying to summarize the issues he will cover because, literally, he covers them all. He is not happy about the facts he presents because, when they are all placed together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, they reveal an ugly picture that is shocking and controversial; shocking because of the severity of its consequences; controversial because those who are complicit in the misdeeds he describes are in powerful positions within society. 2020 May 12 – Source: RoyMartinaTV

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  1. Myron Plex

    The purpose of vaccines is population reduction. A lowered population is easier for the elites to control as slaves in the New World Order. Bill Gates is their poster boy.


    There is no link to download the video to my computer. Or else, how can I save this video to my computer ?

    • G. Edward Griffin

      You will need to install a third-part program for that. We use 4K Downloader. Good luck.

    • Mark Dabney

      You can hit the YouTube link and download it from YouTube, like I just did

  3. Dave

    Love what you are doing…unfortunately as is the case people of the same stipe watch this kind of information which reinforces what I have believed about the corruption for many years. I think the White Horse seal has been broken so Trust God and His Son…it won’t be long now…thanks again for standing for truth and righteousness your King will be proud of you when he returns.

  4. Arlene Johnson

    Dear Dr. Matina,
    First of all, God bless you for what you are doing and exposing. Doctors need to know that it is 5G that is causing this. I have, as the publisher I am, received more and more documentation on this fact, because as 5G towers are being turned on around the world, people are experiencing this virus. I encourage you to log onto my original blog, which is to read the 10 posts that are there now which prove the connection between the coronavirus and 5G. The powers-that-be are determined to establish 5G around the world except for the places that refuse to have it such as Palm Beach, Florida, Brussels, Belgium, and the state of Israel, etc.
    As for who is behind this, Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit. If you know the extreme oath of the Jesuits, you will understand.
    The ultimate goal of 3 entities is the One World Government, otherwise known as the New World Order, i.e. a modern day Dark Ages. Those 3 entities are The City of London, the financial component, Washington D.C., the military component, and the Vatican, the religious component. See proof of that at followed immediately thereafter by two more links which are connected at the end.
    This is why the lockdown was declared with virtually every country around the world participating with only Sweden, Brazil, and more recently Austria not participating. That’s why Bill Gates says he wants everyone around the world to be
    vaccinated. He lies by saying that this is the only thing that will keep us safe as you well know. One of his talks on TED confirm that he wants depopulation. Vaccines are the way he will achieve that. He has even stored the pure seeds on Svalbard, an Island off he north coast of Norway, but not for us, for the elite.

    Arlene Johnson
    To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  5. Mark Dabney

    the video was taken off of YouTube, please reload to BitChute and post link

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Yes, it was taken off YouTube, but we already had it loaded to our site – where it still is. We may havr o go to Bitchute or BitTube or who-knows-where but it’s on our site for now. Thanks.

  6. Dean Camfferman

    Excellent talk, Dr. Matina. I believe you are right when you say that it is not a conspiracy but the biggest money grab and the greatest genocide in human history. There is one more piece to the puzzle: electricity. I just finished reading Arthur Firstenberg’s The Invisible Rainbow in which he makes a connection between electricity, including microwave radiation and heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as influenza outbreaks. It is a mind opening read replete with over 20 pages of citations and references. You can get a copy at:
    Thank you doctor for your clear and heartfelt presentation.

  7. Ron Corbyn

    Sure it’s business, but why can’t it be a conspiracy too?

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