The Useful Idiots of Leninism and Technocracy

Jun 17, 2020

Patrick Wood, Publisher of Technocracy News, analyses the crumbling tranquility and political stability in America as of June, 2020. He shows how unelected ‘technocrats’ are replacing politicians as the ruling authorities in society and how the new structure is beyond citizen control. Government is becoming governance. The phrase useful idiots (sometimes translated as useful innocents or fools) is attributed to Lenin and Stalin as their private opinions of leftists who help communists overthrow the non-communist governments in their home countries. It is standard Leninist strategy applied to revolutions in non-communist countries to (1) recruit idealistic leftists into mass-action organizations with high-sounding goals, (2) lead the idealists into confrontations, riots, looting, and destruction of property, (3) shortly after this results in regime change, either by violent overthrow or by parliamentary action, kill the idealists! The seasoned communists who are in charge know from experience that, when the idealists see the reality of the new system, they will object and become “enemies of the revolution”. The Leninists in charge do not wait for that to happen. This is the meaning behind the phrase: Useful Idiots. 2020 Jun 16 – Source: Technocracy News & Trends

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  1. Glynnda

    I don’t believe this is a permanent thing….the dumb a…..s who are doing this will eventually leave, sooner if Trump steps in. People are only going to tolerate this for so long, they will move, they will act with or without police. People want stability and in America we have the freedom to leave people to the toilets they create….we vote with our feet here. The media will keep it alive for their stories and as long as this is useful, the libs will keep it alive. Once it becomes detrimental, they will throw this whole thing under the bus….or be paid to back off

  2. Kathlean J Keesler

    Thank you. Has any one any opinions on the 2014 documentary JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick by Francis Richard Conolly?

  3. Geoff Steele

    Have a look at just-passed legislation by VA state legislature to COMPEL parents of children entering, or continuing in public schools to have their kids vaccinated with the FULL array of CDC and US DHHS “recommended’ vaccines — INCLUDING the new (unproven, untested) Covid-19 virus protection vaccine, before schools repoen in the Fall. The progressive-socialist governor there in VA signed the new law within minutes of its passage, citing his action as being taken for the “greater public good”. Sure…. RIGHT !! Parents of kids with direct, proven adverse reactions to previous vaccines (displaying autism, ADHD, and other maladies) weren’t even allowed to testify in the hearings about the proposed legislation. THIS IS TYRANNY!! And people who trust what government is telling them TOO MUCH have been conditioned to respond by ‘going along’ with this. They’re either ‘brain-wahed’, or ‘brain-DEAD’.

  4. m.raz

    If we want to take over the government we have to give the people more than promises. We have to guarantee that our government will not dominate the people but serve the people. The guarantee is going to be given in the form of a declaration signed by every member of the government and every state employee stating that if I betray the nation, if I steal from the nation, if I do anything fraudulent knowingly I do Know and accept there will be only one punishment, death. This legal change of government will require a new political party from the people, willing to guarantee honesty in the government. Because of freedom in thinking, there are no innocent bystanders. How many will refuse to vote for a future president willing to guarantee the honesty of government with his life?

    • G. Edward Griffin

      Just in case you are the RAZ ‘Warlord of Seattle” (and even if you are not), please be advised that we are not falling for the slogan ‘serve the people’ without a clear explanation of what you mean by that. All dictators in the world claim that, no matter how great their theft or how heinous their crime, they do those things only to “serve the people”. In places where they are following the classic formula for communist revolution, they declare they are “liberating” an oppressed minority and that they represent “the people”. So, without relying on slogans or emotional rhetoric, please explain what you mean when you say you will kill anyone in government who does not ‘serve the people’. Looking forward to your reply.

      • American Kiwi

        Thank you Mr. Griffin for your work. My wife and I first encountered your work by seeing the Dodd report interview you did sometime in the mid 1980s in about 2005 or 2006 on youtube.

  5. Low Clearance

    I do not believe Trump will be the savior and I do not believe these people will leave. There is too much at stake and too many people believe the few who are loud (“squeaky wheels”). There is an ideal that the world needs to be under a protectorate rather than a some collectivist form of government. If we are going to fix the united States of America then, what the hell, let’s help the whole world. We need the people to be in charge and responsible for their own lives and not dependent on hand-outs. We can help each other, just don’t take advantage of each other.

    I would venture to say that 85%-90% of ALL people (I actually don’t prefer to use the word HUMAN(s) because it makes us another species of animal, which we are not) do not approve of nor do they want their government killing anyone, in their own country or another. PEOPLE JUST WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES! No one really wants to be locked down or go rioting/looting or beat down someone for speaking opposing views. They want to hold their significant others and play with their children or spend time alone to think and be inspired or just enjoy life. The current world is one of schemers and con-artists, holding the real people hostage through mind control aka media. What we need are schemers, hackers and propagandists of our own to “contact trace” the radicals and the back-room dealers, pay for our own infiltrators to non-violently “engage and mobilize” those who just want to live freely. Guns and bombs are not necessary for this “revolution of the mind.” We, the people, need to truly unite and Defund the Fed, Embrace Person Accountability, and become self-sufficient while still giving back to those truly in need.
    I am not sure if I got off track here but, in the end, any person who dies in this panic of 2020 may have been carrying the potential to cure cancer or autism, create a faster-than-light transportation engine, or any number of things the world really needs. We will never know because they are gone and that chance for our people has been lost in time.
    To all those who follow blindly: Please do not be pressured or bullied into thinking the way others do because you do not want to have a conflict. All words, All views, and All Lives Matter. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Let’s make it work and let’s make it count.

    • Adella Pugh

      That is so true. We are all in this together and all lives matter. The fallen ones”global elite/ technocrats” have used divide and conquer techniques to enslave, murder, abuse, and destroy life for eons… we need to collectively rise in consciousness and love… once and for all. We don’t need overlords… we need freedom to be who we were created to be.

  6. seeking Professor Falcon

    Useful matrices….Calculated..Manipulated..Equated…The corporate machine can calculate everything any useful matrices can or will do, say, think, buy, influence, subject, plan or hope for, or create….The a.i. machines and their gods will know, control, and influence and play with the lives of their things(people).
    The will of humanity is the only solution but drugs kill the will, and sin kills the will..
    There are like 60,000 words in the english language… there is only so many ways to arrang them in sentences, phrases, statements, paragraphs, questions, books, and all of intelligence is fulfilled…a few terabytes?..even less?
    all mathematical calculations possible can be written and executed in a computer. All theories that may be verbally spoken or numerically written can be calculated. All in the computers….
    Of course they cannot calculate the end of PI.
    But, the dictionary and language is not as prime number.
    the mind works on the same wavelength as the ionosphere i think…cant remember….its all trace able. Brainwaves, light, all visable. all your thoughts are transmitted into the electromagnetic light spectrum.
    yes its true.
    yer computer is biggest useful idiot. Beware whom it worships. 🙂

  7. Thomas Hegarty

    Patrick, I want to thank you twice over.
    A good few years ago, I stumbled across you on the Caravan to Midnight show. You spoke at great length on this subject in it’s beginnings.
    What you did for me (and many others to, I’m sure.) was to draw together in such easy terms, all the loose ends I’d unrvelled over the years but couldn’t unite. Untill that night !
    Two days ago, I fell over another chat/interview with Spro Skouras. Again, all the complexity and befuddlement dropped away with your so (apparently) easy explanation and delivery. (I can only guess at how much research you put in to it ?)
    Thank you for those two alone.
    I’m in the UK and found you and Spiro on one of the posts on UK Column.
    UK Column is small but digs really deeply behind the glitzy, polished front to show the insider complicity and expose who is NOT running our “Democracy.”
    We are out there and listening……please don’t stop !

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