The War on Cops is not about Racism

Aug 4, 2020
Heather MacDonald, author of The War on Cops, strips away the usual emotionalism from the issue of police brutality and turns, instead, to statistics. The numbers are shocking. Instead of supporting the widespread belief that American police are infected with systemic racism against blacks, the numbers prove otherwise. When the number of incidents of excessive police violence are compared to the relative sizes of racial populations, it appears that there truly is anti-black bias. However, when they are compared to the relative sizes of crime populations, the bias is negative. The reality is that there is more crime in minority neighborhoods, more need for police intervention, and more exposure to the possibility of excessive violence. MacDonald makes it clear that the disintegration of support for police is a crushing blow, not only to all Americans, but particularly to those living in black communities where crime rates are soaring. 2020 July 30 – Source: American Experiment

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  1. lesley hull

    To be without law enforcement is complete insanity. May God help us all.

  2. David Hess

    These statistics need to be broadcast as much as possible.

  3. Angelica

    I’ll share one more story I know: A cop on the street behind us shot his wife to death and all he got was a slap on the wrist. That’s how it works. Wives of abusive cops have an online site where they share stories about the corruption in the police force and if you marry an abuser you’ll get no justice. A family member is forced to see a sergeant at family gatherings. He said “Whenever we’re forced to go to a black museum for racial sensitivity all us cops piss on the walls.” So there you have your hero police force.

    I know you won’t print this. You claim that this is the place where truth is spoken – well here is a dose of truth for you. We’ll see how open to the truth you really are.

    • Howard

      I have no doubt that this account is true. People are all broken vessels. I wish we could change who we are, and we can—if we humble ourselves before our Creator. If we don’t, we lose our only tether to morality and we will fail. My solution is to go to the source of a greater wisdom than I, as a flawed human, can ever reach. That source is the Bible and then checking with the Spirit of truth. The old man thinks ‘might makes right’. He lives by the ‘law of the jungle’. That is what you we’re describing here. CHRIST said that this old man must be born again into a new man if this behavior is to change. This is a personal transformation—just between an individual and her/his Creator. Hope this might help.

      • G. Edward Griffin

        Hello Howard. Your words have the solid sound of truth, but I am compelled to add an additional thought. While we are purifying ourselves, the Goths are at the gates – and we must put on our armor and stop them before they destroy our city, slay our elders, and enslave our children. I do not believe our Creator is pleased if we do nothing to oppose evil.

  4. G. Edward Griffin

    Hello Angelica. I have no reason to doubt what you say about abused police wives (and also wives abused by men who are not police, I might add) but it strikes me that the rest of your comment could be false and perhaps even be professional misinformation for the purpose of adding fuel to the flames of racial discord. So I will publish it with my skepticism clearly stated. Now I would like to make a similar challenge to you. Do you have the courage to provide proof that what you say it true? If so, I invite you to submit names, dates, contact information, or anything else that would be considered as reason to believe your story. I will close by repeating what you said in your message to me: “We’ll see how open to the truth you really are.”

  5. Angelica

    Mr. Griffin — I became a Christian 40 years ago and studied demonology and I know that LIES are of the evil one and if I lie, it opens me up to attack. I am perhaps the MOST honest person you’ll ever meet. I’ve been in various churches for 40 years and I know that some Christians lie. I 100% assure you what I have said is TRUE. Cops beat the heck out of my brother and robbed him. Then they molested my daughter. To silence her they charged HER with a crime! They shot my neighbors’ unarmed grandson and refused to release the body – their lawyer said they were “doctoring the body to fit their narrative.” I’m also disabled, and a state trooper accused me of DUI when my handicapped placard was in my car! They harassed me in court for over a year, and we lost $10k in legal fees to defend me against false charges. If you still have cop-hero worship, I urge you to read the article online “Confessions of a former bastard cop” or the book by former NJ State trooper Justin Hopson who tells all the corrupt things that go on – including what happened to me.

  6. G. Edward Griffin

    Victoria, please be assured I do not suffer from cop-hero worship, as you call it, and I am well aware that there are bad cops out there. However, my concern over your original comment was the highly inflammatory story about the racist attitude of “all the cops” who visited the black-history museum. That is the only thing I feel needs to be documented. Otherwise, it must be categorized as unsubstantiated hearsay and might even have its origin in a propaganda effort to foment animosity between the races. Can you substantiate that story in any way other than you heard about it?

  7. Manny

    AS usual “Raw Numbers” shock and surely there are dozens of Police Brutality Crimes. Also it is true that the punishment of these is much lighter than if a common person is charged.
    But Heather McDonald is trying to teach a lesson most people DO NOT want to learn because putting numbers in their REAL relative importance destroys what they conveniently have come to believe. Or use to Confirm Their Bias….
    People are not prone to admit they are wrong… They do not understand that “when proven wrong they WIN (not lose) because they STOP BEING WRONG..and if you stop being wrong undoubtedly you benefit.

  8. Joseph Harvey

    Mr. Griffin. I know that crime is higher in minority neighborhoods than elsewhere because, if you look at the history of housing in America, you’ll see that it done by design. The US govt and the VA segregated towns and cities across the country. All the places with high crimes were redlined by bankers and financial institutions that started at the end of WW2 so that the residences could not have access to funding to help rebuild their communities; to set up schools, medical centers, quality food stores. Sure, you say the statistics prove that policing in these areas are critical but you also need to tell everyone the real reason why the crime rates are higher in black and brown communities than white ones. Go read the book called,’The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America’. Please read that book and maybe it can shed some light how that affects law enforcement. At this point in our nation’s history, LEO needs to be de-militarized not defunded. There should be more community policing; hiring officers who actually live in these areas and understand what the residences are dealing with; not an occupying force made up of mostly white males who served in the military.

  9. Thomas J. Wyman

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that most of you have never called the law in a life or death situation. Because for the most part you’ll be on your own. They’ll show up alright, but the powder smoke will be cleared by the time the stroll in. And at which time one of two things happen. You’ll be shot down or arrested. So pardon me if I think the cops in this day and age are not needed that much. You who say “there are a few bad apples” are a joke. The barrel has gone bad. It’s not about racism alright, it’s about what I call pig privilege. Just like the one that emptied his gun into that blacks back at point blank range. He knew nothing would happen to him. Just like that bunch up in Utah, killing that unarmed 13 year old autistic white boy, shot him in the back too, no cause to do such a thing, but they too will get away with it. Anyone who is just an average citizen and believes that the cops are here to serve and protect them is not only a fool, but the worst kind an uninformed fool. The high courts have already said their jobs are not to serve and protect us. They are here to serve and protect their employers. To fill the city, county and states coffers. If they were here to actually do the job most of you think, we wouldn’t have this problem. To go after murderers, robbers and rapists. If that were the only thing they were supposed to do about half would not be on the force. As long as they think they can shoot you and me down as though we were the bad guys, they are as yellow as the day is long. I remember a time when shooting anyone in the back that wasn’t armed no matter what got you branded as a yellow bellied coward. Now you people make it the person that got shot the one in the wrong because they didn’t comply. So to all you “law abiding” types. You enable the attitude the pigs have. YOU give them their pug privilege. So you are part of the problem.

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