UN Scientist Debunks UN Climate Lies

Feb 12, 2019

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels, according to a leading expert on sea levels who served on the UN IPCC. In fact, it is more likely that sea levels will decline, not rise, explained Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, the retired head of the paleogeophysics and geodynamics at Stockholm University. A new solar-driven cooling period is not far off, he said. But when Mörner tried to warn the UN IPCC that it was publishing false information that would inevitably be discredited, they simply ignored him. And so, dismayed, he resigned in disgust and decided to blow the whistle.

Asked if coastal cities such as Miami would be flooding due to sea-level rise caused by alleged man-made global warming, Mörner was unequivocal: “Absolutely not.” “There is no rapid sea-level rise going on today, and there will not be,” he said, citing observable data. “On the contrary, if anything happens, the sea will go down a little.” The widely respected scientist, who has been tracking sea levels in various parts of the globe for some 50 years, blasted those who use incorrect “correction factors” in their data to make it appear that seas are rising worldwide. That is just wrong, he said.

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  1. Ron Tabat

    THANK YOU SIR ;This information is exactly what I myself have been saying to others for some time now. Also I have been doing a lot of “RESARCH” on these matters for awhile now some of it I can understand other things I have to go further to investigate. I really appreciate the information to better me in talking to others about the real change in climate, again sir thanks .

  2. Connie

    The awful thing is that those manipulating the data are exploiting children to frighten other children into thinking they have no future. Dr Morner’s message is aligned to many other such professionals who have debunked the global warming lie but the machine still rolls on unabated. At last, though, someone at the WMO is speaking up about the extremism being displayed by the global warming fanatics which will also add weight to Dr. Morner and any other scientists prepared to speak out. He should be applauded for his courage.

  3. Tom

    I’ve been reading you for a while & am trying to encourage other’s
    to do the same, seem’s we are all busy doing our NORM/THINGS many of which
    are completely un-necessary for a fruitful & plentiful life.

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