Campus at Ventura County, California

This page is under construction. Please check back soon. We currently are developing a series of public-service pamphlets to print at home for friends, a speakers’ bureau, a local action program, and we are planning public meetings to carry the message directly to Ventura county voters. To receive announcements for late-breaking news and upcoming activities, please sign up here: [link to be created] 

If you have any question or especially if you would like to help us with this urgent project, please contact the Campus Coordinator, Annalisa Spiga, at [email protected]

Meanwhile, if you have not already done so, please check out the mother-load of information available that you can share with anyone who you think should also be interested in this issue. Spreading the word is the first step toward building a grass-roots push-back against tyranny.

You will see that Red Pill University is a repository of information on many issues in addition to COVID-19. If you wish to filter out everything else, click on PANDEMIC at the top of the Home page. For an even greater refinement, enter the word ‘coronavirus’ in the Search field. Either way, you will be impressed by the wealth of information available.

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