What you Probably Don’t Know about Karl Marx

Aug 18, 2020

This is a reading of Marx, The Man, a brief biography of Karl Marx, co-author of The Communist Manifesto. The biography was written by Professor Thomas Sowell who, as a young man in Harlem, New York, considered himself as a Marxist. Sowell eventually became a renowned academic in the fields of history, economics, and political science with degrees from Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago. He held teaching positions at Cornell University and the University of California, and was a Fellow at The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. In this overview of the life of Karl Marx, there is no judgement or message. The simple historic facts themselves tell a story that you probably never heard. 2018 Aug 3 – Source: Byron

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    As usual, Dr. Thomas Sowell is outstanding, sharp, and straight to the matter. Between 2009 and 2012 I had the rare privilege of translating his brilliant articles into Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, I’ve read 12 of his more than 30 books. I’m indebted to his wisdom.

  2. Ron Corbyn

    Fascinating. Thanks. Three things to add, for which I have the ref’s: (a) Marx advocated genocide for “backward” people in Europe long before Kalergi,(b) Rakovsksy said Marx was secretly working for Lionel Rothschild, which suggests to me that he had become a Zionist, and (c) Rakovsky also said “Marx was a genius in that he was able to depersonalize both capitalism and communism,” which sounds an awful lot like what’s going in America today.

  3. Jack Edling

    Many revealing insights, well beyond common knowledge, and well written!!! Thankyou!

  4. Dan Dougherty

    This should be heard by the current public which I call the century of self. Also, those who blindly support social Justice & Black Lives Matters. Curious Marx was a failure and used diversion as an excuse. Promoting laziness & crisis ( exactly what is happening now )

  5. Suzyi

    Oh wow! I never knew what a rascist, anti-semitic parasite Marx was. Thank you!

    • WakeyWakey

      How can he be ant-semitic when he was a Jew (both parents were from a long line of rabbis.

  6. Donald McKay

    “Marx & Satan” is the booklet written by Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered 14 years of torture under the Communist dictator of Romania. In later life Marx evidenced becoming a satanist. Marx and Charles Darwin corresponded because of similar beliefs regarding atheistic evolution. I missed hearing about either in this bio.

  7. WakeyWakey

    Marx was a satanist. He even wrote poems to satan. Since he was a high level freemason, that should not be a surprise. The world’s top freemason Albert Pike, in “Morals & Dogma” wrote that the higher levels worship Lucifer and keep this info from the low levels. Marx was against Judaism yet pro Lucifer.

  8. WakeyWakey

    Marx was married into the Aristocracy (Argylls/Campbells). His wife’s connections are censored everywhere except by Eustace Mullins in “THE WORLD ORDER: OUR SECRET RULERS”

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