Words in Your Head that Aren’t Yours – A Dissertation by David Icke

Sep 11, 2021

David Icke plunges into the eerie topic of how technology is used to plant thoughts, opinions, emotions and impulses into the subconscious mind as a pathway to the conscious mind where we perceive them as being our own. The science of behavior engineering was introduced over a century ago, but it was greatly accelerated by recent research into the effect of chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies on the brain. If you are not familiar with this science, it is urgent that you become so immediately because, whether you know it or not, your subconscious mind is under attack, and you will be vulnerable without this knowledge. 2021 Sep 10 – Source: David Icke

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  1. Kevin Bell

    I’m sick of the Elon bashing.. I don’t see him as, in the billionaire psycho class. I might be wrong but it seems, to me, that the psycho billionaires have been against him, from the onset. I witnessed him become rich by risking it all and working his ass off. What’s you answer to that?

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